Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big Changes

Just because its on the top of my mind... My daughter handed me some of her poop today. Yep, you read that right. Earlier this week she decided to put her hands in her poopy diaper, and that was gross enough. Today, partly my fault...I delayed in tossing the fresh change in to the diaper genie, got side tracked and an instant later...i was handed a nice big poop patty. I hope this is not a new thing. I'm kind of mortified!

I realize I may have lost some of you by using the word poop and/or diaper one to many times. Sorry. My daughter will be a teenager one day and doubt my knowledge and love for her. That is when she will read this...on to the real post.


-Big Change #1 -Missing Daddy

Well, Cliff Notes version of a long story...We moved back home (to Texas) earlier than originally planned, and left Daddy to work all alone in MS for a couple weeks (that has now turned in to 6...weeks.) So we are desperately missing him. Skyping is nice, but could never replace his daily presence. (Btw...thank you for the surprise visit home last weekend...2 weeks was long enough with out you, hopefully we don't have to wait 4 more to see you again:)

-Big Change #2- Separation Anxiety

Its a real thing. And it wears on your heart...and your nerves. Kaylon can no longer venture off on his own to learn, explore, discover, or urinate. I can not walk from one room to the next with out notifying him first, in which he always chooses the option to follow. I rarely had alone time is no such thing. He went from sleeping on his own, to reverting back into my bed. Closing a door...any any time...unacceptable. The moment i am no longer in sight, his fear hits him like a lightning and intense. Screaming, crying, running around (usually in the opposite direction I am in) with crocodile tears running down his face. When we meet, his heart is pounding, his breathing is rapid, and the sobbing is nearly uncontrollable. It breaks my heart. Then he has to throw it on the floor and stomp on it by saying "You LEFT me!! I was lost."

I realize the move and Daddy being away are a lot for a 3 year old to deal with. This is where my learned patience comes in very handy. My heart hurts for him because he is so afraid. But, it is VERY exhausting. Counting the days until he can harness his fears and know that leaving the room is not equivalent to abandonment. Crossing my fingers it happens sooner than later.

-Big Change #3- Crossroads Early Learning Center

This is the biggest change of all and probably warrants its own post, so bare with me.
After 3 years being solely employed as a Stay At Home Mom, I left that career in the dust today and started a new adventure in mass child care. My new tittle...Mrs. Aimee, Lead Teacher of the Pre K 3 class.

The education for my children, extra income, and environment change all played a part in the decision to go forward with this. Both of my kids did very well at their previous Mothers Day out program, but since our move to MS...the have been fully in my care 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Now that we are home, a change was in order. All though great, and a necessity for some...I have always thought "Day Care" facilities were not for our family. That was me being naive. This place is AMAZING. The facility is very nice, the curriculum is impressive, and the staff are some of the kindest gentile souls you will ever meet. I am honored they chose me to join them.

My new duties are some what intimidating. Making a lesson plan, following a curriculum, the over all education of 3 and 4 year olds...whew...this is not just a wipe your nose and play nice with others general care job here. Today was my 1st (1/2) day and my feet hurt and my brain is on over load. I didn't want to admit to my boss that my 3 year old students know what a site word is but I do not (maybe its sight word??? no worries...I'm google-ing it asap) Never the less, I learned a lot today. All I can say is wish me luck!

Kaylon and Kolbie get to be my tag alongs on this new adventure. Kolbie had her 1st (1/2) day in the toddler class room and Kaylon in the 3 year old class (in the future he will be in my class, but today he was not). We got there at breakfast so they were able to sit in the same room to eat while I left to finalize some paper work. When it was time for them to part ways and head to their designated rooms the tears started flowing. And in Kolbie's case never stopped. She cried for a solid 4 hours. Her eyes were red and swollen the rest of the day. Kaylon only cried for 2 hours. Until he saw me again, then the water works spilled out again. I 1/2 expected a version of this reaction, but the endurance is giving me that sick feeling in my gut. Mrs. Simone is Kolbie's teacher and pushed aside all my apologies trying to reassure me that this was a normal thing. I disagree, but we will see. I am not surprised at all at Kolbie endurance, I just thought after 30 min or so, she wold have forgotten about why she was crying. She is way smarter than I give her credit for. Mrs. Aracelli is Kaylon's teacher and did the same. She dismissed my apologies, attempted to reassure me that this "happens all the time" but suggested I bring them a comfort from home. He literally latched on to his sippy cup and did not let it go all day long. This is WAY out of the normal for Kaylon. He has never carried a lovie, or had an emotional attachment to things. Obsessive...yes, attached...i didn't think so.

So, day 2 is tomorrow. A full 8am-5pm day, full of learning, lunch, nap time, and hopefully less tears and much more laughter. We will be fully armed with a piggy and pink blankie for Kolbie, and Spider/Iron Man boots (which ever he decided in the morning) and a new Spider Man blankie for Kaylon. Wish us much much needed LUCK!

(FYI- A sight word is any word that is known by a reader automatically.Sight words are pronounced without decoding the word's spelling,thus learning words by sight only.) Thank you Wikipedia.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Party at Pop & Noni's

Pop & Noni decided it would be fun to have all four grand kids over for the night and have a Pumpkin Party!! I'm pretty sure this was the first time all four had been together for an all nighter, but word has it...they all did great. They kept busy, that's for sure!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cookie Monster Party

As you know, I LOVE making as much as I can for our birthday parties! And even though this party was scaled way still had my personal touch on as much as possible!

Thanks to Aunt KK for making our delicious Cookie Monster cake! Num Num!

My sweet 3 YEAR OLD!

just SOME of our FaVoRiTe people!

The princess was beautiful, as usual!

Uh oh! The SUPER HERO escapes!

The girls had lots of fun with the balloon lady, too!

Showered with lots of love once again as we remember how blessed we are to have such wonderful people surrounding us and our children! It was a great day!