Friday, April 29, 2011


Reading back I noticed I neglected to mention a HUGE life changing milestone in the Forey house. KOLBIE IS WALKING!
Its hard for me to say an exact day she took her 1st steps. She took her sweet time figuring out how to do it just right. for a couple of days she would just soot her one foot forward. Then we caught her taking 2 steps here and there. Then for a good week she would get up to six or seven steps before she would fall down and resort back to her speed racer crawling technique.
It has really been in the last 2 or 3 weeks that she has really found her legs. She is such a stiff and awkward walker, I get the giggles just watching her get from point A to B. But she is oh so proud of herself!! There is no stopping her now! Her new favorite thing is getting one of Big brothers favorite toys...rubbing it in his face thats she's got it...then fast as she can take off running in the other direction! Giggling and laughing the whole way...while her brother squeals and tattles on her of course!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

It was a lot different for us this year, because we are so used to being surrounded by family and friends on Easter Sunday, to spend it with just the four of us was unusual, but we made the best of it!

1st the Gandma Baskets were delivered in Saturday!

Grammy sent a box full of goodies with us from Texas and we did good not opening it until today :)

It was filled with lots of Buzz Lightyear goodies, snacks, books, babydolls, and clothes!
Thank you Grammy!

We picked up a box at the Post Office from Pop and Noni on Saturday

It was filled with lots of Easter goodies including NEW LOVIES (Our favorite Scentsy Buddies!)
Thank you Pop & Noni!

We received cards from GG on friday and the kids (Kaylon mostly) was surprised to find some Easter money! It was a learning experience to teach him we were going to buy something special with it later. Now he tells me "I'll buy it Mom!"...but then he goes for my wallet!
Thank you GG!

We were feeling the love sent all the way from everybody back in Texas!


I think Mom and Dad ended up more excited about the Easter Bunny coming than the kids were! They woke up and took their time making their way down the stairs and stumble upon their baskets full of Easter love.

Kaylon IMMEDIATELY saw his new Buzz Lightyear toy, and Kolbie...she just wanted the candy!

After baskets and breakfast, we planned on having our own mini egg hunt next to the pond in the neighbor hood. So I got the kids dressed up while Daddy "hid" the eggs.

We could not BRIBE them to pick up those eggs! They both knew their was a prize waiting inside, so they each got one and opened it. Forget the rest! Daddy ended up hunting his own eggs! (But at least I got these adorable shots of my sweet babies!)

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter! Sending our love from Mississippi! XOXO!


A Day at the Beach

We spent a gorgeous day at the beach for the 1st time this year. The kids were both excited when we got there. 15 minutes after playing in the sand in the water, Kolbie realized she was dirty and could not get clean. She was furious about it! Kaylon, on the other hand, play for 2 hours in the salty water and cool sand until he decided to nearly drown in a foot of water. After that, he was done:) Can't blame him.

The beaches here are nothing compared to the ones back home. It was like we were on vacation.

I was nervous to see if I could handle them both in the environment by myself while Ryan is at work, but I've pretty much decided to make a trip to the beach a weekly adventure. Can't wait to get back.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

How Daddy spends his days off...


Egg Hunt at Little Childrens Park, Ocean Springs, MS

Can I just start out by saying how much we love it here? We do. Love it! And one of our favorite places is Little Children's Park in Ocean Springs, so when I heard they were having an Easter Egg hunt...we were all over it!

We were not sure what to expect of a public egg hunt after last years attempt in League City. It was an experience for sure, but there was no egg hunting involved.

It was sooo different this year. We arrived early like the flyer suggested and the kids were able to join in some of the games and play at the park. they even handed out canvas Easter bags for the kids to color while they were waiting for the egg hunt to begin.

When it was just about time to begin they had all the kiddos 2 and under line up and at the end of the countdown they were allowed to cross the barrier. That was more fun for some of them then getting the eggs! Kaylon was super excited to tackle the unauthorized area but didn't quite understand what the fuss was about putting the eggs in his basket...that was until of course he figured out they were filled with goodies! Then he would get one, open it, take the goodies, and trash the egg back on the ground :)

Kolbie, on the other hand, is my pack rat. She had her designated area where she meticulously picked up each egg and placed them in her basket. When there were no more eggs...well, then she strategically placed them all back on the grass for her re load back in her basket :)

Once all the eggs were gone, Daddy had to check each one to see if they had a winning ticket. Ours didn't but we didn't mind. We won a piece of pirate treasure and an airplane eraser, and a bunny ring!! Whoo hoo!!

It was such a peaceful and pleasureful egg hunting experience and the kids had a blast.
My cup runith over :)


Friday, April 15, 2011

Visiting with the Easter Bunny!!

We headed out to spend the day at the mall in Mobile, AL and the first thing when we walked in the door was the Easter BUNNY! (I don't know where my brain was but I didn't even think about seeing him there...otherwise we would have dresses a little better :)

Kaylon was beside himself running up to him and hugging on him. He immediately started talking to him and rubbing on his soft fur. Kolbie took a little longer to get warmed up. She just smiled and starred for a good little while and taking small little steps to inch herself closer to the furry thing. We were there bright and early and were the only ones in line so we got plenty of solo time with him.

Picture time Kolbie was a smiley girl as always. Kaylon was too busy talking to him to take a break and look at the camera. He was kind of shocked when the "Bunny Helper" went and positioned his arms, removed his Iron Man mask and pointed his head to look at the camera, and this is the resulting photo :) He looks terrified! I promise...he was thrilled! After we left and headed to some other shops all he could do was talk about seeing the Easter Bunny again. Until we stumbled on to the Disney Store where a Toy Store display was front and center showing off the new hero in our house Buzz Lightyear! It felt like we were in that store for an hour touching everything with the Spaceman's face on it. To my surprise he didn't even notice the display with all the Iron Man memorabilia! Kolbie enjoyed the Toy Story display just as much while unpacking and repacking all the red sparkly Jesse boots! To get him out the door I had to coax him BACK TO THE EASTER BUNNY!! Getting him out empty handed was the true task! He wanted to take the Buzz action figure to show the Bunny Man what was on his wish list for his Basket. Crazy boy :)

I can't wait to see what the Bunny bring my sweet boy and angel baby girl...


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Welcome to our new home...

We found out a couple of weeks ago that Ryan's job was going to be transferring him back to Mississippi, and of course I wasn't going to let him leave us behind. He was here for a year, and I joined him for about 6 months when I was pregnant with Kaylon. We stayed in Ocean Springs last time and loved the area so much that we were happy for the opportunity to go back. We have tossed up the idea of moving back several times, but family is was keeps us in Texas.
We have always wondered if we would love it the same if we were ever to go back...Now we get to find out! We are especially excited because Ryan has been working so much and this move will allow him weekends off like a normal job for a while! A big change for us!

Taking the kids from their home and moving them 2 states away from everything they know made me a little nervous but I had the most anxiety about the 6 1/2 hour car ride. ( If I don't time it just right the little 1 to 1 1/2 hour road trips to Katy, LaMarque, and Orange can be torture.)

We were invited for Ryan's favorite breakfast made by Aunt KK in Dayton friday morning and decided we would hang around and wear the kids out so the 1st leg of the road trip would be napping.

We ended up leaving Dayton right at 1pm and Kolbie quickly fell asleep, but Kaylon...decided he would watch an entire movie of Barney before he would shut his eyes (Of course by then Kolbie was awake :(

We lucked out and was made it to our 1st scheduled stop at Don's Meat market in Lafayette,LA with out to much fussing. After about 30 minutes of stretching our legs, grabbing a bite to eat, and filling an ice chest of the delicious Cajun meats we were back on the road. Of course we had to catch rush hour traffic just at the right time in Baton Rouge that set us back a little but then about 40 miles to the MS border all of I-10 came to a complete stop. We sat there with our engines turned off for 10-15 minutes. This was complete torture for me because I couldn't get the kids out of their chairs because we were on the highway and the DVD player was messing up.

After that fiasco they fell asleep and we decided to skip our 2nd scheduled stop and just head for the rental house. We arrived about 8:45pm. 6 and a half hour ride pushed to almost 8 (with a little break in between) all in all wasn't very bad. I was very happy with the trip and the insignificant amount of whining that occurred.

We decided to stay in the same complex as before, so we rented a fully furnished 3 bedroom townhouse with a garage to fit all the play toys.
Once we arrived Ryan decided everything needed to come out of the cars, so we got in gear and he and his helper got everything in the house and me and my little helper got everything in its place.
Kolbie helping Mommy unpack the kitchen.

Kaylon making his 100th trip up the stairs helping Daddy unpack.

We are sad to be so far from everyone back home but very excited about being somewhere new and all the experiences ahead.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Texas Bluebonnets

One last thing I had to check off my list before we headed to Mississippi was seeing the Bluebonnets. I was on a mission all week to find a cute spot that wasn't ridiculously far away. Usually there are small patches everywhere but none large enough for a photo op. We have been in need of rain so the Bluebonnet population all over was dwindling quickly. Thankful we found this cute little spot on the side of hwy 1008 in Dayton. Just big enough for me to get my fix. Of course...because I have 2 toddlers on my hands, at this precises moment they had no interest in enjoying the beautiful flowers. I didn't get a smile out of either one, but I didn't care. I was getting my pictures anyway!

This one turned out half way decent of my usually smiley girl pitching a fit!

My son on the other hand has mastered they art of avoiding the camera. I was lucky to get this shot. (Usually I can only catch the back or top of his head!)

We were happy to have Grammy join us in our quest to find the Bluebonnets before we left the next morning. Of course Kaylon wasn't going to join in this picture and Kolbie was patiently avoiding it as well.

At least I got my way! We saw the Bluebonnets and I have pictures to prove it!
Fair-well TEXAN's! We are gonna y'all!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Strawberry Picking

(Click on photo to enlarge)

After going to the Blueberry farm last year, I have been anxiously awaiting to take the kids strawberry picking. Thankfully we had the opportunity to go 2 days before we left for Mississippi. It was very cute when we first got there we were showing them both how to pick them off the bush and put them in the bucket. They didn't even recognize that they could eat them until Daddy re introduced them to the luscious fruit (that we had just had for a snack the day before :) Then the picking was over...they both ate until they could fit no more in their swollen tummies. Kaylon would pick one, turn around and sit directly on the bush to enjoy his. And, Kolbie...she thought they tasted best straight off the bush! No picking involved for her, just the eating!

Just before the farm closed Pop and Noni (Ryan's Dad and Step-Mom) were able to join us. We filled 2 buckets, bought some of the best homemade fried fruit pies and Strawberry Peach Preserves and then enjoyed the rest of the evening in LaMarque vising before we had to leave for MS.

After eating so much on the farm, my sweet children turned in to sweet strawberries!!

We can't wait to do it again next year!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

GG comes to play

GG and Aunt B were out to visit so we grabbed some Subway and went for a picnic at the park.

Kaylon had a case of the giggles!

My son refuses to smile for the camera anymore!

Then we went to feed the ducks. This was Kolbie's first time being allowed on the ground with them. She sure wanted to touch.

Why is it always one bite for you and two for me when it comes to my kids and bread! I think they ate more than the ducks!

It was a fun afternoon for everyone!

My Best Good Friend =)

Periodically one of my very favorite friends comes to visit us Forey's. This weekend was a special treat because she skipped out on a family fishing trip to come hang out with us, since it was the last opportunity before our temporary relocation to Mississippi. We didn't do anything special. She was my handy assistant in Splendora for Picture Day then we hung out on the back porch while Ryan made us dinner. We are pro's at doing a bunch of nothing and still having a good ole time!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Playing in Splendora

Jenna & TJ asked me to come play "Picture Day" for them at there house. I have to say...I am very proud of the way the photos turned out.

(Had to throw one in for TJ!)

I am totally jealous how photogenic they are. I was even complaining to them how jealous I was that Ryan and I don't even have pictures like these.
(Watch out baby...we may just be playing picture day real soon! :)

If you want to see more photo's from our picture day click here. between picture posing the kids got to have a little fun too. Kaylon had been eying the go cart all day, so TJ obliged and took him for a ride. Kaylon had his cheesy grin plastered all over his face. He was beside himself, having so much fun on that thing. Kolbie...not so much. She went for a ride too, but was more concerned then happy I think.

Iron man has his moments of transformation into a cowboy on his down time. At all times Kaylon is one or the other. He lately he has been running around with his cowboy boots and hat saying "I'm a Cowboy Baby!". Thankfully I was in the presence of Cowboy today, because Jenna & TJ have a neighbor down the street that had their horse tied up in the front yard and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to say hello.

All three of the kids were checking out "Sweat Pea" from head to toe, the wheels in their brains just turning with curiosity. Kaylon kept thinking he could ride it. We didn't want to wear out our welcome, so after a good 5 or 10 minutes we said good bye to Ms. Seat Pea.

Thank you Jenna, Kinzie, and TJ for letting us come play and I hope you love your pictures as much as I do!