Saturday, April 16, 2011

Egg Hunt at Little Childrens Park, Ocean Springs, MS

Can I just start out by saying how much we love it here? We do. Love it! And one of our favorite places is Little Children's Park in Ocean Springs, so when I heard they were having an Easter Egg hunt...we were all over it!

We were not sure what to expect of a public egg hunt after last years attempt in League City. It was an experience for sure, but there was no egg hunting involved.

It was sooo different this year. We arrived early like the flyer suggested and the kids were able to join in some of the games and play at the park. they even handed out canvas Easter bags for the kids to color while they were waiting for the egg hunt to begin.

When it was just about time to begin they had all the kiddos 2 and under line up and at the end of the countdown they were allowed to cross the barrier. That was more fun for some of them then getting the eggs! Kaylon was super excited to tackle the unauthorized area but didn't quite understand what the fuss was about putting the eggs in his basket...that was until of course he figured out they were filled with goodies! Then he would get one, open it, take the goodies, and trash the egg back on the ground :)

Kolbie, on the other hand, is my pack rat. She had her designated area where she meticulously picked up each egg and placed them in her basket. When there were no more eggs...well, then she strategically placed them all back on the grass for her re load back in her basket :)

Once all the eggs were gone, Daddy had to check each one to see if they had a winning ticket. Ours didn't but we didn't mind. We won a piece of pirate treasure and an airplane eraser, and a bunny ring!! Whoo hoo!!

It was such a peaceful and pleasureful egg hunting experience and the kids had a blast.
My cup runith over :)


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