Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy 26 Birthday Daddy

Saturday was Ryan's 26th birthday and of course...I can never wait to give him his present on his birthday. He always seems to get it the night before. Anyway, I told myself I wasn't going to do that this year, he was going to have to wait. Well, we went to rent a movie for Friday night and they didn't have anything we were interested in seeing so we just went home. After sitting on our thumbs for a little while I let him have his new PS3. He was so excited about it. He has been asking for that crazy thing for awhile. Anyway, Saturday morning we left to go to GG's house. Kaylon spent his first night there with his GG, Aunt Meag, and Aunt B. They took him to the park for the very 1st time. I had never taken him because I didn't want to go with out Ryan. We were in the middle of a movie (I Love You Man...what a GREAT movie!!!) when Britt sent me this picture.

Talk about melt my heart. I was soooo jealous. Anyway, after a bit of shopping and the movie we went to hang out and have a few drinks so we could watch the Texans draft picks, grabbed a hotel and was in bed by 9pm. We slept all night long in the most luxurious bed ever made. (The Hampton Inn is the only way to go. We have stayed at 3 different one's in the past few years and are never disappointed.) Funny thing is even with out the baby Ryan was still up at 5:45 am and I woke up at 7. Go figure. It's not every one's idea of a great time. For our 1st date night since Kaylon was born (yep...7 months) I couldn't have asked for anything better. It was wonderfully relaxing having nowhere to be and nothing important to do and just enjoying each others company. Hopefully we don't wait another 7 months to do it again.

On the move!

Friday night we were packing up to go home to Crosby before we Ryan's birthday on Saturday.We were rushing around like usual trying not to forget anything and hoping to beat the traffic when I looked over at Kaylon and he was CRAWLING!!!!!! My beautiful itsy bitsy teeny tiny baby is now a big boy!!!! He hasn't perfected it just yet but doing more of an army man crawl (where his arms are moving but his legs just drag behind) I was so shocked that I started screaming at him (in a good way) trying to get the camera, but I scared him half to death and he started crying so I couldn't get any good ones. But just tonight at the apartment I was unpacking from the weekend so I put him on the floor and moved his toys just out of reach. I watched for a few min and he would tuck his feet up under his rear and push foreword...then reeeeeach his arm out. He did that over and over until he got to his toys. It was awesome. ( I did get that on video.) 7 months old and he is on the move. I can't believe it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It is supposed to be day 2 of construction on the house, so I wake up in LaMarque this morning get Kaylon and rush off to Crosby to meet the contractor. I arrive and of course he has not yet arrived. I go ahead and pull the car in the garage before I unload Kaylon. I walk around to his door and I hear a hiss. I look over and what do I see???

Not one, but 2 SNAKES! I freak out...get Kaylon in the house and call Ryan. I think to call the fire dept. but the one in the neighbor hood is closed. I call the Baytown fired dept and they direct me to Harris co pest control who ultimately tell me they don't handle that kind of thing..I would need to find someone myself. WHAT? So, thankfully my neighbor was home. His informed me he does not like snakes, but he can sure kill them. That is all i needed so we walk over and he takes a shovel to their heads. Those things are like chickens...still dancing and carrying on with their heads hanging off. We waited about 15 min before he scooped them up one by one and they still snapped at him. Turns out they are highly poisonous Copper Head's. Go figure. Anyway, thanks to my neighbor they are dead and gone. Oh, and I am still waiting on the roofers. Ha.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We had a pretty bad start to our day and its not even 9AM yet. Kaylon and I stayed in Crosby last night so we can meet the roofers here at 8 AM to repair our hurricane damage. It was just us this time. No Daddy and no dogs. He fell asleep in our bed while I was catching up on American Idol shows I had missed and when it was time to go to bed I decided I would just let him sleep with me, mostly so I wouldn't be so lonely. Well, Ryan called this morning at 6:45 to wake me up so I can prepare for the roofers. Kaylon was already awake and playing with my cell phone. After we talked to Daddy we laid in bed for a few minutes and I shut my eyes. Not a moment later I heard a loud thump and my beautiful baby's terrifying scream. I let my son fall off of our bed. When I yanked him up off of the floor he was face down and I just knew I was going to see a bloody nose or something. He screamed for about 5 min while I was doing my best to console him, but he wasn't having it. I tried to lay him down so I could check him all over but all he wanted to do was hold on to my neck. Horrible. It was horrible. Once he stopped crying I started to play with his toes and kiss on his neck. Once I got him to smile I knew he would be ok. I on the other hand might be traumatized.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Sunday

We had grate plans to send Kaylon to church with Pop and Noni. After church we would meet up with them for the Egg Hunt. Well, 1st the church cancelled their hunt, so Patti found that Moody Gardens was having a few that day, so we rescheduled to go there. Church was at 10am and they wanted to get there early so we got him ready in the most adorable outfit that Toni gave us of Ryan's from when he was a baby (it was all white with Easter motif embroidered on the chest) and off they wen to church at 9:15am. Plenty of time, right? Wrong! Mass started at 9am not 10! Trying to be early, they were still late! They decided to sit in on the last 30 min of mass since they were already there. When they got back to the house we changed Kaylon and off we were to Galveston for his egg hunt. When we arrived to Moody Gardens, got all unpacked and situated, we read the little bitty sign on the front door that says ALL EGG HUNTS CANCELLED....Dang our luck! Since we were there we decided to see the Aquarium...Kaylon likes to see the fish. $16 a person later Patti mentions this was probably a grand idea Moody Garden had to schedule hunts then cancel them the last min so everyone buys a ticket to see an attraction. We fell for it, but it was fun. We got some great pics of Kaylon looking at the fishes, sting raye's, and penguins. After the tour we headed back to the house for Easter dinner. To end the evening we headed over to Mema's house and met up with GG, Aunt Meag, and Aunt B. Cefore the day was up, Kaylon was spoiled with 3 Easter Baskets. One from Pop and Noni, one from GG, and one from the Easter Bunny of course!

Good Friday

We had a good visit with Ryan's Aunt Carolyn and cousin Jimmy. They were in town from Seattle. While we were all just sitting around waiting for folks to show up we let Kaylon play in his race car walker. Usually he just sits in it and chews on the steering wheel. BUT for some reason he just took off walking in it. He hit several road blocks and it took him a while to move, but he was walking in it for sure. Now...look out because Dale Jr is running thru the house!! He's only got one gear and that is forward, so if you are in his out! He was so proud of himself, he kept turning his head to make sure I was watching him. It is the cutest thing! (Wish I could post a picture. Give me a few more days.) So, of course I called Ryan, and he was already on his way home from work. As soon as he arrived, I let Kaylon show off for his Daddy. We were so proud. Anyway, that was the highlight of our day! That boy, he just melts our hearts.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stupid computer

Sorry has been down...but we are up and running now...go figure though...i don't have time to talk about the, stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sick Eyes

Well, Kaylon had a rough night last night tossing and turning but never fully waking up. This morning I noticed he had a boogy in the corner of his eye. As the morning progressed, his eye started discharging all this green mucous nasty stuff. So, I called the doctor and we went in for a visit. While we were waiting he did the cutest thing! I sat him on the exam table and he heard the paper crumble. Needless to say..he had to investigate! Before I knew it he had that paper shredded to pieces on the floor, in his hair, in his mouth...all over the place! When the doctor walked in he gave her one of his "I'm so cute an innocent" smiles. She thought it was hilarious. After all, he is supposed to be sick right. Anyway, he definitely has an eye infection, but his ears, nose and throat are clear, so we caught it early. Now I just have to see how easy (haha) its going to be to put ointment in his eye 3 times a day for 7 days. Yikes!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Another 6 month Portrait Session

So...Ryan says no more naked pictures. He wants pictures with his clothes on. We pay so much for the clothes he wears, why not? In my opinion, once he reaches a certain age (12-15 months) he will have to wear clothes in his pictures for the rest of his life! So, why not take the naked ones while we can. Anyway, these are a tribute to Daddy.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

PICU once again

As most of you know, my little sister Meagan has Juvenile Diabetes. She was diagnosed at six years old. This year is her 10th anniversary with it, and I have to say it has been the hardest year for her in regards to the disease. I know she doesn't remember a time when she didn't have it. It has always been a challenge for her. Being a child growing up with this particular trait tends to single her out among her peers. That being said, we have always admired her courage to stand up to her disability. She has come upon a time in her life where she just doesn't want to be diabetic anymore. Frankly, I can't blame her for that. She is a teenage girl that lives in the moment. She scared us all back in January, where self neglect almost took her away from us. To her defense, she has done remarkably well since that hospital stay. I guess that is why this episode took me by surprise. Thankfully she is doing better now. Hopefully that was the last we have seen of the PICU.
Diabetes is a real disease, same as HIV, cancer, heart disease, etc. It can be fatal in an instant. I always knew it was, but at the same time never respected or realized its impact. Last night I couldn't stop the thoughts running through my head of a life without my little sister and it scares me. This has been a real eye opener for me on how fragile life really is.I am more grateful today for all the blessings I have in my life than ever before. I imagine I will be even more grateful tomorrow than I am today. Please keep my sister in your thoughts along with all the children that face every day with a challange. Hope they can realize they are stronger for it.