Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful for:

My beautiful children. They are my purpose in life. My world revolves around them and I am so thankful to be their Mom.

My wonderful husband. He brings out the best in me. My happiest times are when we are together, even if its just lounging on the couch. I am so thankful to be his wife.

I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for the three of you in my life. You make me want to be the best that I can be in everything I do. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

(Horrible exposure...huge bummer)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kaylon's Fall Recital

Cute as it could be! This year instead of dancing and singing he decided he would just stand there and make monster noises. Of course he clapped when the song was over. When the second group went on stage, he decided he needed to go back on stage to get to the drum set! He kept telling me " I be back in a minute" Silly boy! We are used to having an army show up for the recitals but were so thankful that GG and soon to be Aunt Jennifer could make it.

Kaylon in his Scarecrow Costume

Kolbie supporting her brother!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Tiny Humans

Ryan had to remind me the other day that our daughter is now 8 months old. I keep referring to her as 7 months. I guess I'm in denial of my sweet angel baby girl getting bigger! But, there are signs she has left behind all over the house! I can't deny that! From missing varnish on our bar stools, to teeth marks on our coffee table!
She has the frog leg crawl that gets her where she needs to go, then she pulls herself up on anything she can reach. She gets so proud of herself. Just yesterday she was pulling herself up using one of Kaylons dump trucks and just as soon as she got to her feet and put on her big smile it dumped over. She went tumbling down with all the grace of a moose! She doesn't believe she is supposed to be on the floor and she lets me know it. Most of the time it is instant screams when I set her down and if not, they come flooding out as soon as I walk away. Stubborn too. Maybe I should just refer to it as strong will power. She will scream as long as it takes. We were in the car Sunday driving from Pop & Noni and she literally screamed the entire drive. Nearly an hour. This girl is going to give me gray hair by my next birthday!
I guess I need to elaborate on the sweet angel baby girl title :) She really is the most happy baby. She will shine her smile on a stranger and they just can't help but talk to her. Of course that's when she decides to get bashful and lay her head on my shoulder. There is no mistaken she is a Mama's girl, but is now madly in love with her Daddy. She will bat her eyes, and smile at him until she feels she has gotten enough of his attention. Then its back to Mommy.

Big Brother Kaylon. He really does love being a big brother. He tries to help his sister do everything...including walk, if you can get that visual! He is so desperate to be a big kid. When we go to the park he is fascinated by them. He will follow the big kids around laughing when they laugh, running when they run, and trying to play with the same toys the do. Most of the bigger kids have been really nice to him, Others just go about their business. Last week we were playing at the park and there had to be 15 children there of various ages that all knew each other. Kaylon had the best time watching, running, and playing with them. He was so involved that he didn't even pay attention when he walked behind some of them on the swing set and got hammered to the ground. The girls on the swing felt so bad, but Kaylon was NOT going to let them see him cry. He was huffing and his little lip all curled up when I got there to brush him off. He handled it so well.
He has been going through this phase where he is waning to play with all Kolbie's baby toys. He locks himself in her swing, gets stuck in her jumpy horse, and here lately has just been wanting me to hold him. I guess he feels like I haven't been giving him enough attention lately especially since Kolbie requires me to hold her 99% of the time. It hurts me to think that's what he is feeling. I am working on a way to figure in some alone time with Mommy and her favorite son. I think it will be good for us both.
His favorite things right now are chocolate milk and Barney. He has recently discovered a cartoon about a 4 year old boy called Caillou. He LOVES Iron Man, and since Daddy bought him a mask he has been my Iron Man Boy. He also loves to wear his boots. WHen he decides he is wearing his boots, there is no changing his mind! He is also a very rambunctious boy and loves to rough house.

Speaking of rough housing. Kolbies 1st boo boo. A black eye. For documentation purposes I'm not 100% sure how she got it but I've pretty much narrowed it down to when Kaylon was jumping back and forth over her like a froggy, and must have gotten her with his knee.

They each have such strong and different personalities. Oh the journey I look forward to with these two!


Monday, November 1, 2010

De Ja Voo

Kolbie Michelle


Kaylon Derrick



Halloween 2010

This year started off with a bang! Max showed up at the back door this morning! Wagging his tail, perky, and perfect as he could be. 4 days running around out in the wild. We had called all the shelters and posted all the lost dog signs, and had pretty much written him off, then the durn dog shows up. Crazy!

Pumpkin Carving

We just knew Kaylon would enjoy it this year. He liked cutting with his pumpkin knife, and he like washing them off with the water hose, but the mushy gooey insides..."Ewwwe" he says! ( I know baby, I'm ruining your son!)


I think all little girls need to be a pumpkin on their first Halloween, so by default that made Kaylon a Scarecrow this year. Kolbie got to wear her Daddy's 1st Halloween pumpkin costume, hand made by Grammy. I almost gave in and let Kaylon be Iron Man, since he is completely obsessed, but stood my ground since I figured this would probably be the last year I get to choose, so I made his scarecrow costume.

Funny enough, neither my hat wearing boy or my bow wearing princess wanted anything to do with the contraptions to top their costumes. We got Kolbies on for a matter of minutes and were able to bribe Kaylon to put his on to go trick or treating.

Tricks and LOTS of treats!

This was Kaylons 1st year walking to houses and knocking on the door. What do you do when someone answers? Go in of course! He kept walking into peoples houses and the greeters didn't know what to do! I'd have to go in and shoo him out. Once he collected his loot, it was time to get his eat on! Silly boy wanted to eat his candy before he even got to the next house. Needless to say after the 5th house, we headed home!

Kaylon was the best at passing out candy. He said hi to everyone and had no problem giving his candy away. He even gave extra to the pretty girls! Ham!
At one point a Spider Man came and he put his hand on his chest and said "IIrrrooon Maaaan!"
Come on people, Don't you know Iron Man can kick SpiderMans butt, even when he's dressed up like a Scarecrow!!

Thanks to Grammy, Pop & Noni, Uncle David & Aunt Lori for joining in the fun!!

(Side Bar Binky Update:
It has been TORTURE the last few days with a whiny boy, but I have been sticking to my guns. He has stolen Kolbie's bink the last few nights, but I have made him give it back 1st thing in the morning. Until last night. He woke up 2 times screaming, and Kolbies bink wasn't working, so I gave in. Showed him his binky, stuck it in his mouth, silence, thank goodness....until 3 AM when he screamed his head off. To keep from waking Kolbie, into Mommy & Daddy's bed we went.)