Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bath Time Boy

His favorite time of day..just thought I'd share.
(P.S.- check below and under Forey Fotos for updated pics!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy

I had a wonderful 26th birthday. I spent the day with my son, my Mema, Mama, Hollie & Jaedyn, and Jonathan. We went to Niko Niko's in Montrose for lunch. Ryan got off early so we left the kiddo with Pop and Noni and had a night to ourselves. 1st we went for dinner at Perry's Steakhouse. Mmmmm it was DIVINE! We had the fried asparagus with lump crab meat. I had the lobster bisque and their famous pork chop and Ryan had a phenomenal sirloin and creamed spinach. It was an elegant and relaxing evening for 2..until....we decided to go to the movies and randomly picked to watch "The Soloist." If you get the opportunity to watch that movie...pass! It was loooooooong and drawn out and we had no idea where the plot was headed...then it ended. I'm sure Jamie Fox will get some kind of award for his acting skills...but as far as the movie goes...NOT GOOD. kill the after taste of a bad movie...we went for marble slab before we headed home (about 10 pm. I know...we are so old!)

It was a grand dinner and dessert before we started our diet. (1 week in and going good so far!!)

This weekend I got my awesome new sewing and embroidery machine which I love...and have been obsessed with since I opened the box. I have been making all sorts of cute little things. I have given myself the project of making the drapes for all the windows in my freshly painted room. I can't back out now..the fabric is already will me luck and no mess ups!

In Your Face

For those you who have or are raising a little boy, you know first hand what I am talking about. For whatever reason Kaylon takes much more advantage of his Daddy than he does with me. I handed Kaylon off to is Daddy, armed with a towel, after his bath. All he has to do is dry him off and get him dressed. Not 2 minutes later Ryan comes running in the room holding Kaylon in the air telling me to "get him, get him!" Apparently Daddy wasn't quite quick enough with the diaper because Kaylon let out a full stream that some how landed on his Daddy's face. Needless to say Daddy was not happy, Kaylon went in for bath number 2, and we started the whole routine over again.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Its been a while since we last updated. Same as ever we have been busy busy. We decided to start painting our bedroom ( a beautiful shade of "swamp water"). 1st night of painting Kaylon definitely noticed the change on the wall. I couldn't stop him from making his way over to the only painted wall in the room. He put his hands all over the wall and then rubbed the base boards and scratched his nose before I noticed. I came down the ladder as fast as I could and immediately started washing him off. Then I proceeded to touch up the paint and the baseboard. Not 30 min later he was in it again. Silly boy.
Anyway to the point of the story...paining day 2... we were a little more than half way done ( its a big job, our room has 7 TALL walls) and started to clean and pack up to head back to LaMarque. Ryan was about to jump in the shower, Kaylon was on the floor playing, and I started to put the room back in order WHEN I knocked over the nightstand that was holding a hammer. Isaw the hammer and knew it was going to hit my foot. Instantly I had the that hammer really hurt! I looked down and this is what I saw.

Yes...the hammer had a nail still in it from when we were pulling them out of the wall and some freaky way the nail landed perfectly on my foot and the weight of the hammer pushed it right in. Jesus Christ style. I yelled at Ryan that we need to go to the emergency room. Of course he panicked thinking something was wrong with Kaylon. Kaylon was fine. After Ryan had a double take of my foot the trip to the ER was in full swing. Ryan did a great job of getting us ready and loaded up to head to Baytown. Needless to say...several nurses and even 2 doctors came buy to look at the freak show. They all assumed I was using a nail gun. After I was used as a human pin cushion...I couldn't even feel them take it out. Thankfully it only nicked the bone and wasn't lodged in.

Anyway...we are all better now! I still have a whole in the top of my foot, and some pretty good bruising but that is to be expected after you have a foreign object jammed 2 in to your flesh right?