Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy

I had a wonderful 26th birthday. I spent the day with my son, my Mema, Mama, Hollie & Jaedyn, and Jonathan. We went to Niko Niko's in Montrose for lunch. Ryan got off early so we left the kiddo with Pop and Noni and had a night to ourselves. 1st we went for dinner at Perry's Steakhouse. Mmmmm it was DIVINE! We had the fried asparagus with lump crab meat. I had the lobster bisque and their famous pork chop and Ryan had a phenomenal sirloin and creamed spinach. It was an elegant and relaxing evening for 2..until....we decided to go to the movies and randomly picked to watch "The Soloist." If you get the opportunity to watch that movie...pass! It was loooooooong and drawn out and we had no idea where the plot was headed...then it ended. I'm sure Jamie Fox will get some kind of award for his acting skills...but as far as the movie goes...NOT GOOD. kill the after taste of a bad movie...we went for marble slab before we headed home (about 10 pm. I know...we are so old!)

It was a grand dinner and dessert before we started our diet. (1 week in and going good so far!!)

This weekend I got my awesome new sewing and embroidery machine which I love...and have been obsessed with since I opened the box. I have been making all sorts of cute little things. I have given myself the project of making the drapes for all the windows in my freshly painted room. I can't back out now..the fabric is already will me luck and no mess ups!

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  1. Wow, I didn't realise you're that OLD!!! LOL So glad it was a good Birthday ;O)

    No worries about messing up, that's how you learn. Just be sure to run plenty of tests before using the good stuff ;O) Have fun with your new toy!!!