Tuesday, June 30, 2009

9 month check up

We just got back from Kaylons 9 month check up today. We were waiting in the doctor's office for over 2 hours before we finally got to see her! Ugh... I hate that! But, I know if I had an emergency I would want her to fit us into her schedule too...Anyway, No shots today! Whoo hoo! First time, so that was nice. We did get to talk to her about his size though. Every one had me a little worried in the back of my mind thinking that he was small for his age and might not be as healthy as I have been pushing for. Today he weighed in at 19 lbs 6 oz and 28 inches long. She said he was perfectly average. Half way between the 25th and 50th percentile. She said his milk to food ratio was perfectly fine at 3 8oz bottles and 2 jars of food 3 times a day. We do get to look foreword to switching him off of formula in the next few months (Cha ching! Pay raise for mommy and daddy.) We asked about mosquito's too. With his allergies , when he gets a mosquito bite it just swells up on him, like right now his foot is twice as huge at it normally is. She said stick with the Skin so Soft for now, apparently it is better than nothing, but then to rub hydracortizone on them afterwards. She did prescribe him to start taking allergy medicine every night. So, we will see how that goes. I've probably just been letting him suffer since I am not a fan a Benadryl...neither is she though...he got Zyrtec. Anyway...he was a good boy for her today, she made it easy with no shots, he lucked out because she wanted some blood and the lab was closed...that's just a double whammy for the next appt though...3 shots and a poke in the heel. Yuck. Anyway...thumbs up from the doctor today. Mommy and Daddy get a pat on the back.

Over Achiever

Saturday night Kaylon spent the night with Pop and Noni. When we went to pick him up Sunday morning he had his first tooth pushing through his gums. It made me cry when I found it. By sunday night tooth number two had pushed its way through. 2 first teeth in one day! Over achiever!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Kaylon in his new swimming pool. He loves it! At least until daddy attached the waterhose and the spray feature scared him to death! See more pictures under Forey Foto's. Click on album Fun in the Sun.

Our 9 month old

My son. 9 months old. He can not walk, talk, he has no teeth. But yes….he can crawl…but did you know..he can climb? We didn’t! That is…until we caught him doing this…

Friday, June 12, 2009

My son. The Ham.

I decided on a whim to drive out to Katy yesterday to visit with my Mom and sisters. For what ever reason my Mom feels the need to feed Kaylon anything and everything on her plate knowing that I don’t want her to do it. I guess she considers it her duty as GG or something. We are trying to keep him on a healthy diet full of organic vegetables, meat, and fruit (only for breakfast). I feel it is very important to teach him how to eat right from the very beginning (unlike our parents did) so he won’t have a life full of battling weight and health issues. Hopefully, by what we are trying to teach him now, making healthy eating choices will come naturally to him later in life. Anyway, I was doing my usual “ He can’t have that” to my mom, when she decided to give him some watermelon. (Mind you my son has not one tooth yet). Try to imagine the best “bitter beer face” you can think of. Cross it with your grandpa smacking his gums, and throw in an 8 month old baby whaling his arms back and forth. This is what my son thought of the watermelon. Not good. Hilarious, But not good. So…GG attempts to get the fruit out of his mouth, all the while laughing hysterically. Of course, the ham that my son just naturally is...realizes that we are all laughing AT him, and continues to make a FAKE “ bitter beer face” just to entertain us. It was freaking HILARIOUS! He probably did this for a good 5 minutes. Our bellies hurt from laughing so hard. Sure wish I would have thought to get a picture. I hate it admit that I might feed the watermelon to him again, just so I can share the experience.

Monday, June 8, 2009

1st time in the pool

I have been waiting and waiting for Ryan to be available before I put Kaylon in the pool for the 1st time. The Easter Bunny brought him all his cute pool accessories and we have been holding on to them since then. Friday Daddy and Pop met us at Mema’s to witness. He was pretty shocked at first and didn’t really know what to do, so he just hung on. But after a while he relaxed a little bit and started to splash his hands around. Once hr figured out he could do that…it was pretty much over. He started kicking his feet and splashing up a storm. He wore himself out quick. By the time we got out he was mister grumpy britches.

Look what Kaylon Found

Friday, round 2 in the pool (after a nice long nap) he jumped in with Mema, Jenna, and Kenzie. He didn’t stay in for very long. When he wanted to get out I just tore his little swimmer diaper off and let him air dry for a few minutes since it was so hot out. After a little bit he went wee wee of course… but then…he saw it. Yep…IT! He has noticed it before during diaper changes and what not, just knowing something was down there. But once he saw the pee pee come out he grabbed a hold of his little “Peter Pan” and tried so hard to get a good look at it. He was twisting and turning all sorts of ways. You could just see the wheels turning is his head. He didn’t want to let it go. We died laughing. Daddy tried to tell him he’s not supposed to do that in public…but I guess he’s going to have to save that talk for another day.

Sew Cute!

My first sewing project that I felt confident enough to give away. Pretty cute huh!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our Big Boy

He is changing so fast. Just a few weeks ago, he was trying to crawl with just his arms, dragging his legs behind him. In just this short amount of time, he has gone to crawling with one leg then both. He is a total speed racer now. Loose sight of him one minute and he makes it from the living room to the kitchen and gets himself stuck under the table. Now he has begun to pull himself up. He uses anything he can get his hands on. It scares me really because he falls all the time. I just know he is going to hurt himself on our tile one of these days. It is the cutest thing though…Ryan lowered his crib just in the nick of time, because now when he wakes up and starts fussing he is standing up at the rail waiting for us when we go to get him out of his bed. It melts my heart.
He is really brave too. Just this weekend he had started to pull himself up. If he see’s something remotely close to him that he has to have. He will figure out a way to get to it. He obviously hasn’t mastered a step yet, but he will turn and just fall. Just let go. Whatever. He doesn’t care. Bang…hit the floor and keep going. My heart skips a beat every time! I guess its just the life with a baby boy.
He is on a very good routine lately too. He has been sleeping every night almost 10 hours with out waking up (nice) and every day about 10:30 or 11 am he will just lay his head down for a nap…no matter where he is. He can be on the kitchen floor, under the table, in his jump jump...where ever. Our sweet boy. We just love him to piece’s.

The Twins come visit

We had Sean, Melissa and cousins Brynlee and Chance over this Sunday. They are getting so big. They are almost 2 lbs. heavier than Kaylon was when he was 3 months old. Its amazing the changes. Kaylon has really been confused every time he see’s them. I was really nervous about how he was going to act because last time he got very jealous when I was holding Brynlee. He surprised me this time though. He was a very big boy sharing his swing and Bumbo with everyone. At one point he even reached to check out Chance and see what he is all about. At the beginning of the visit when the babies started to fuss, Kaylon would just sit there with his hands folded in his lap watching nervously. ( isn’t he so adorable!) BUT by the end of the evening when Ms. Brynlee fussed for her bottle…Kaylon quickly caught on reverting back to his “baby day’s” laying on his back whining, rubbing his eye’s…totally playing the baby card. It was the funniest thing to watch. I hope it was not a sneak peak into our future! Check out the pictures under Forey Foto’s to the right.

Memorial Weekend

We started the weekend off packing up the apartment in LaMarque Saturday morning and making the final move back to our home in Crosby. Yay! The move turned out to be a whole day’s adventure with rain and major traffic delay’s. But never the less, we are home for now. At least until further notice.
We decided last minute to go ahead with a crawfish boil for Sunday that we had been deliberating over the entire week before. It was a blast. Lots of family and friends made it over for an all afternoon (well into the night) gathering. Ryan started off the party a little earlier than everyone else, so he didn’t quite make it through the evening. Needless to say, he woke up with marker all over his face. But that is a whole other story. I finished off the last 3 hours with peeling an entire ice chest of crawfish. (looking fwd to a delicious etoufee on our first diet cheat day!) Thank goodness Aunt Brittanee stayed the night to help with the kiddo so we could get the house back in order. ( in case you are wondering…we still get a whiff of crawfish in the back yard every now and again. I guess the runaway’s didn’t make it to far!)
All in all it was an exciting and eventful weekend.