Friday, June 12, 2009

My son. The Ham.

I decided on a whim to drive out to Katy yesterday to visit with my Mom and sisters. For what ever reason my Mom feels the need to feed Kaylon anything and everything on her plate knowing that I don’t want her to do it. I guess she considers it her duty as GG or something. We are trying to keep him on a healthy diet full of organic vegetables, meat, and fruit (only for breakfast). I feel it is very important to teach him how to eat right from the very beginning (unlike our parents did) so he won’t have a life full of battling weight and health issues. Hopefully, by what we are trying to teach him now, making healthy eating choices will come naturally to him later in life. Anyway, I was doing my usual “ He can’t have that” to my mom, when she decided to give him some watermelon. (Mind you my son has not one tooth yet). Try to imagine the best “bitter beer face” you can think of. Cross it with your grandpa smacking his gums, and throw in an 8 month old baby whaling his arms back and forth. This is what my son thought of the watermelon. Not good. Hilarious, But not good. So…GG attempts to get the fruit out of his mouth, all the while laughing hysterically. Of course, the ham that my son just naturally is...realizes that we are all laughing AT him, and continues to make a FAKE “ bitter beer face” just to entertain us. It was freaking HILARIOUS! He probably did this for a good 5 minutes. Our bellies hurt from laughing so hard. Sure wish I would have thought to get a picture. I hate it admit that I might feed the watermelon to him again, just so I can share the experience.

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