Monday, December 27, 2010

3 Days of Christmas!

Christmas Eve
To start the evening we headed to Mema's house!

Always a fun and interesting time there!

Then, this year we changed it up and headed to Grammy's house for family Christmas Eve dinner with her, Uncle Sean, Aunt Mel, Brynlee and Chance!

An AWESOME picture of all four grandbabies looking at the camera! Never can get them all to sit still long enough, so this picture is a gift all it own!

I had to share this picture of my precious angel on her first Christmas Eve (sporting a new bow Grammy gave her) lost in a sea of wrapping paper!

So much fun!

After a hearty meal of Grammy's shrimp ettoufee and ton's of special presents we headed home so we wouldn't miss Santa.

Christmas Day

The kiddos woke up about 6:30 to see what Santa left for them.
Kaylon was shocked to see a brand new Kitchen! He immediately started cooking and washing his hands.

It was too funny when he opened the oven door he say "ooh, its really hot!" My silly boy really does listen to his Mama!

Kolbie was drawn right to her pink stroller and 1st baby doll that Santa brought her.

She was so precious talking to it saying "Ahhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh" in her high pitched angel baby voice!

Aunt Meagan and Aunt B were there to see them. GG, Mema, and Grammy showed up soon after to enjoy my Christmas angels open up their gifts. After all the fun we settled down to enjoy some cheese grits and off everybody went o start their busy Christmas Day. This s the 1st year the Forey's got to stay home and enjoy each others company and play with all the new toys on Christmas Day.

Late that evening we dressed the children up in their super adorable Christmas attire and headed over to Uncle Luke and Aunt Jennifer's house for a wonderful Christmas Dinner.

After a late evening there we headed home or a good nights sleep.

Day After Christmas
Pop and Noni made their way out to Crosby to enjoy their Christmas time with the kids. We spent the whole day opening gifts, playing outside on the new Jumpy house Pop and Noni brought, eating lots of Cajun stuffed chicken, and just enjoying each others company.

Noni taking her turn being Iron Man!

I have to say this was one of the best Christmas' ever!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Festival of Lights 2010

Had lots of fun at festival of lights this year! It was especially awesome to see how much the kids were enjoying themselves.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Name Game

A super exciting day in our house! Kaylon called his baby sister by her NAME!
Let me explain (a little back story)...
From the beginning I found out I was pregnant with a girl, I referred to Kolbie as "baby sister" We even played Peek a Boo with my belly trying to find her.
Strangely enough, from the very 1st moment they met..he called her "Sissy." Which has always been so super sweet. (Side bar: I think he got that name from Barney because BJ refers to Baby Bop as Sissy and as much as he loves that show he probably has every single episode down by memory!...Double Side bar: every picture of a baby even his own baby pictures he points to them and says they are Sissy.)
At this point (even still) Kaylon has yet to speak his own name.
We play the game where we point and say "who's that" and he answers, but when we point to him, just recently he has been answering "me" which I love! One step closer to his name, right! He even acknowledges when I explain to him that a picture is him when he was a baby....Baby Kaylon. Me...he says point to himself. Love it!
Just yesterday I was getting after Kolbie for getting into something and I said Kooolbbbie (real long and drawn out) and he copied me! So I pointed to her and asked him who that was. Of course he said Sissy. Then I asked him what her name was...and he said KOLBIE!


Monday, December 6, 2010

A Special Santa Moment

This is Kaylon's 3rd Christmas and he is really beginning to grasp the joy of the season. For some reason, the past 2 years believe it or not I did try, but it never worked out for him to meet Santa, sit in his lap and have the whole moment. I really wanted him to have a great experience with it this year so we have been singing the songs, and reading the books, and learning about all the different holidays people celebrate and the story of Santa.
Finally Ryan had a day off and we were able to make it out to the mall to meet Santa only to be at the end of a 2 and a half hour line. We decided not to wait and this obviously turned out to be the best for us because we got to stand off to the side and I got to show Santa to Kaylon and explain to him that he is talking to all the boys and girls and we have to wait out turn. He was BESIDE himself just being in his presence!
So the next opportunity (on a weekday and unfortunately with out Daddy) we returned to the mall to have our 1st visit with Santa. We got to the mall and the devil horns were shinning on my sweet boys head! I just knew this was going to be terrible. We arrived while Santa was out feeding his Reindeer, and thankfully didn't have to wait to long. (We had a special pass this time that allowed us to cut in line...yay for us, bummer for those who had been waiting for so long:(
The moment that Santa came around the corner and sat in his big comfy Santa Chair, he winked and waved to my boy. Kaylon was giddy with excitement! He was just feet away from us, but we were asked by the elves to let 2 infant babies go 1st. Of course, we were pleased to do so, and I explained to Kaylon that we had to wait our turn, Santa gets to talk to all the boys and girls. He kept telling Santa while we were waiting "patiently"... "I a good boy Santa." Finally it was our turn, Santa turned to us and raised his arms up to Kaylon, and my sweet boy ran as fast as he could to climb up on Santa's lap and have his turn. If only I had a tool to decipher what he was telling him. Kaylon was filled with words flooding out tell Santa all about...who knows what! Kolbie was amazing too! She sat in Santa's lap next to her brother and just stared at the jolly man. My heart was just filled with so much joy and love to see my children enjoying the moment. I know it sounds crazy. It felt like ages before our turn was over, but a few moments I decided to usher my children down the line. Kaylon gave Santa a BIG hug, got off his lap said "Bye Santa" and blew him a heavenly sweet boy kiss. Melt MY Heart! Then funny enough he told Santa "Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas" which Santa giggled at him a belted out the same right back to him. I hated my husband had to miss this! We called him right away and Kaylon told him all about it! (Thankfully I thought ahead and had Aunt Meagan video tape the whole thing...which Daddy watched 3 times when he got home from work, and all he could comment was how fuzzy it made him feel inside and the urge it gave him to go sit in Santa's lap too!)

I could not have asked for a better special Santa moment!


Saturday, December 4, 2010

9 Months Old!

Can you believe it? 9 months old! Our sweet angel baby girl!
She is a speed racer on her knees crawling, and she can hardly contain herself, she wants to walk so bad. She has started to jibber jabber all about her Da Da, and waving Hi, and even says bye bye every now and again. At least, I let her know that is what she is saying! I am drilling Ma Ma into her head, but she just giggles at me! All in time! The biggest milestone I'd have to say she has accomplished is FINALLY holding up her own bottle (most of the time:) A great day in the world of a busy Mommy! She has 4 teeth this month (Kaylon didn't even have one at 9 months!)
To my Angel Baby Girl...SLOW DOWN! Mommy needs to snuggle bug you as long as I can! You have the rest of your life to be a big girl! Muah!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mrs. Danyel

1st day of school Class 1

Mrs. Danyel is Kaylon's MDO teacher. She is the first (and ONLY) person I have left my son with that has not been family. I had major anxiety the few days she was absent from school the last year and a half. She was so patient with me when I stood outside the class room looking through the glass for hours on the 1st day last year. (So different this year when I just dropped him off and left!)

1st day of school Class 2

Her daughter Brooke was Kaylon's 1st crush. He couldn't get enough of this pretty little girl.

Now, Mrs. Danyel had to go and get a grown up job, so she will not be my sweet boy's teaher anymore. Kaylon has no idea that she won't be there when he goes back on Thursday, but I do. I have full faith that he will be in good hands at school, but our Mrs. Danyel will never be replaced!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful for:

My beautiful children. They are my purpose in life. My world revolves around them and I am so thankful to be their Mom.

My wonderful husband. He brings out the best in me. My happiest times are when we are together, even if its just lounging on the couch. I am so thankful to be his wife.

I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for the three of you in my life. You make me want to be the best that I can be in everything I do. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

(Horrible exposure...huge bummer)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kaylon's Fall Recital

Cute as it could be! This year instead of dancing and singing he decided he would just stand there and make monster noises. Of course he clapped when the song was over. When the second group went on stage, he decided he needed to go back on stage to get to the drum set! He kept telling me " I be back in a minute" Silly boy! We are used to having an army show up for the recitals but were so thankful that GG and soon to be Aunt Jennifer could make it.

Kaylon in his Scarecrow Costume

Kolbie supporting her brother!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Tiny Humans

Ryan had to remind me the other day that our daughter is now 8 months old. I keep referring to her as 7 months. I guess I'm in denial of my sweet angel baby girl getting bigger! But, there are signs she has left behind all over the house! I can't deny that! From missing varnish on our bar stools, to teeth marks on our coffee table!
She has the frog leg crawl that gets her where she needs to go, then she pulls herself up on anything she can reach. She gets so proud of herself. Just yesterday she was pulling herself up using one of Kaylons dump trucks and just as soon as she got to her feet and put on her big smile it dumped over. She went tumbling down with all the grace of a moose! She doesn't believe she is supposed to be on the floor and she lets me know it. Most of the time it is instant screams when I set her down and if not, they come flooding out as soon as I walk away. Stubborn too. Maybe I should just refer to it as strong will power. She will scream as long as it takes. We were in the car Sunday driving from Pop & Noni and she literally screamed the entire drive. Nearly an hour. This girl is going to give me gray hair by my next birthday!
I guess I need to elaborate on the sweet angel baby girl title :) She really is the most happy baby. She will shine her smile on a stranger and they just can't help but talk to her. Of course that's when she decides to get bashful and lay her head on my shoulder. There is no mistaken she is a Mama's girl, but is now madly in love with her Daddy. She will bat her eyes, and smile at him until she feels she has gotten enough of his attention. Then its back to Mommy.

Big Brother Kaylon. He really does love being a big brother. He tries to help his sister do everything...including walk, if you can get that visual! He is so desperate to be a big kid. When we go to the park he is fascinated by them. He will follow the big kids around laughing when they laugh, running when they run, and trying to play with the same toys the do. Most of the bigger kids have been really nice to him, Others just go about their business. Last week we were playing at the park and there had to be 15 children there of various ages that all knew each other. Kaylon had the best time watching, running, and playing with them. He was so involved that he didn't even pay attention when he walked behind some of them on the swing set and got hammered to the ground. The girls on the swing felt so bad, but Kaylon was NOT going to let them see him cry. He was huffing and his little lip all curled up when I got there to brush him off. He handled it so well.
He has been going through this phase where he is waning to play with all Kolbie's baby toys. He locks himself in her swing, gets stuck in her jumpy horse, and here lately has just been wanting me to hold him. I guess he feels like I haven't been giving him enough attention lately especially since Kolbie requires me to hold her 99% of the time. It hurts me to think that's what he is feeling. I am working on a way to figure in some alone time with Mommy and her favorite son. I think it will be good for us both.
His favorite things right now are chocolate milk and Barney. He has recently discovered a cartoon about a 4 year old boy called Caillou. He LOVES Iron Man, and since Daddy bought him a mask he has been my Iron Man Boy. He also loves to wear his boots. WHen he decides he is wearing his boots, there is no changing his mind! He is also a very rambunctious boy and loves to rough house.

Speaking of rough housing. Kolbies 1st boo boo. A black eye. For documentation purposes I'm not 100% sure how she got it but I've pretty much narrowed it down to when Kaylon was jumping back and forth over her like a froggy, and must have gotten her with his knee.

They each have such strong and different personalities. Oh the journey I look forward to with these two!


Monday, November 1, 2010

De Ja Voo

Kolbie Michelle


Kaylon Derrick



Halloween 2010

This year started off with a bang! Max showed up at the back door this morning! Wagging his tail, perky, and perfect as he could be. 4 days running around out in the wild. We had called all the shelters and posted all the lost dog signs, and had pretty much written him off, then the durn dog shows up. Crazy!

Pumpkin Carving

We just knew Kaylon would enjoy it this year. He liked cutting with his pumpkin knife, and he like washing them off with the water hose, but the mushy gooey insides..."Ewwwe" he says! ( I know baby, I'm ruining your son!)


I think all little girls need to be a pumpkin on their first Halloween, so by default that made Kaylon a Scarecrow this year. Kolbie got to wear her Daddy's 1st Halloween pumpkin costume, hand made by Grammy. I almost gave in and let Kaylon be Iron Man, since he is completely obsessed, but stood my ground since I figured this would probably be the last year I get to choose, so I made his scarecrow costume.

Funny enough, neither my hat wearing boy or my bow wearing princess wanted anything to do with the contraptions to top their costumes. We got Kolbies on for a matter of minutes and were able to bribe Kaylon to put his on to go trick or treating.

Tricks and LOTS of treats!

This was Kaylons 1st year walking to houses and knocking on the door. What do you do when someone answers? Go in of course! He kept walking into peoples houses and the greeters didn't know what to do! I'd have to go in and shoo him out. Once he collected his loot, it was time to get his eat on! Silly boy wanted to eat his candy before he even got to the next house. Needless to say after the 5th house, we headed home!

Kaylon was the best at passing out candy. He said hi to everyone and had no problem giving his candy away. He even gave extra to the pretty girls! Ham!
At one point a Spider Man came and he put his hand on his chest and said "IIrrrooon Maaaan!"
Come on people, Don't you know Iron Man can kick SpiderMans butt, even when he's dressed up like a Scarecrow!!

Thanks to Grammy, Pop & Noni, Uncle David & Aunt Lori for joining in the fun!!

(Side Bar Binky Update:
It has been TORTURE the last few days with a whiny boy, but I have been sticking to my guns. He has stolen Kolbie's bink the last few nights, but I have made him give it back 1st thing in the morning. Until last night. He woke up 2 times screaming, and Kolbies bink wasn't working, so I gave in. Showed him his binky, stuck it in his mouth, silence, thank goodness....until 3 AM when he screamed his head off. To keep from waking Kolbie, into Mommy & Daddy's bed we went.)


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Binky Drama

As we all know...My son has a Binky Addiction.

It kinda out of control. We had started to break from having it as often right before Kolbie showed up, but since then it has been ridiculous. So recently he has been throwing it down on the ground when he wants a drink or a snack or something, and he will run off and leave it behind...only to freak out a few minutes later telling me to "find it", of course followed by "You find it" for him to finish with "You find it." Normal routine followed by us both scouring the house "Binky where are you" until its found (usually by me or Daddy)
Except for yesterday.
Mommy did not look for it once! Neither did Kaylon. Nap time came, he asked for it. I told him to find it. He napped with out it! Score 1 for Mommy!
Bed time....came and Binky! SCORE 2 for Mommy!
School day today...I found a Binky in his backpack....cut the tip off of it and let Mrs. Danyel know about my victories.
Progress report from school, He threw the broken binky in the trash!!!! Score 3 for Mommy!!!
Let keep fingers and toes crossed we can quit the binky COLD TURKEY!!


Where, oh where???

....has our little dog gone? Where, oh where, can he be??
Last night our little dog MAX ran away from home :( Actually it started out as Lucy running away. I ran out the front door to get her, Kaylon decided to follow and left the front door open. It was over an hour later before I noticed he was missing. It was dark already and finding a small black dog in the dark??? Not gonna happen. But I tried anyway. Loaded up the kiddos and we drove all around the neighborhood with the windows rolled down hollering his name. Even Kaylon joined in. Kolbie just hollered. She was not happy about the late night ride being stuck in her car seat.
No luck. So we came home, went about our normal routine, stopping every so often to go outside and call for him.
This morning I loaded up the kiddos for round 2 dog hunt on our way to school. It is the cutest thing....Kaylon would ask me "Ma, Where's Max, Ma???" then he would answer his own question, putting his hands in the air saying " I dunno!!" Ugh, he's too durn cute sometimes!
Now only thing left to do it hang up some fliers I guess...
Max, lets be honest, most of the time I don't like you any more. 2 kids and 2 dogs is getting to be way to much for this mommy, BUT Kaylon and Kolbie LOVE you. So, Please come home!!!!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dewberry Farm


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Failed photo attemp??

I bought Kolbie this adorable tutu dress several months ago and I wanted to get a picture of her in it before she out grows it. For some reason, today, some body did not want to share the attention.

After shoo-ing him to play inside for a few minutes, it was too late. She was already irritated by her big brother.

This is what I found when I came inside.