Thursday, October 28, 2010

Binky Drama

As we all know...My son has a Binky Addiction.

It kinda out of control. We had started to break from having it as often right before Kolbie showed up, but since then it has been ridiculous. So recently he has been throwing it down on the ground when he wants a drink or a snack or something, and he will run off and leave it behind...only to freak out a few minutes later telling me to "find it", of course followed by "You find it" for him to finish with "You find it." Normal routine followed by us both scouring the house "Binky where are you" until its found (usually by me or Daddy)
Except for yesterday.
Mommy did not look for it once! Neither did Kaylon. Nap time came, he asked for it. I told him to find it. He napped with out it! Score 1 for Mommy!
Bed time....came and Binky! SCORE 2 for Mommy!
School day today...I found a Binky in his backpack....cut the tip off of it and let Mrs. Danyel know about my victories.
Progress report from school, He threw the broken binky in the trash!!!! Score 3 for Mommy!!!
Let keep fingers and toes crossed we can quit the binky COLD TURKEY!!


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  1. I was the pacifier fairy for Halloween! I hid my phone under my pillow so Stevie would leave it alone and he said ooooh the MiMi fairy is going to take your phone!