Saturday, October 16, 2010

Daddy's week off

After Kaylon's Birthday weekend, Ryan got an unexpected week off from work. So we took advantage and were busy, busy, busy!

Rainforest Cafe

Kaylon is really discovering different animals right now, so we decided we would take a trip to Galveston's Rainforest Cafe. His loves elephants, so we sat right next to that display, and he couldn't have been more busy during dinner! I think Kolbie was just as intrigued with the atmosphere as Kaylon was!

The Zoo

The weather has been to perfect so we decided to go to the Zoo. It was Kolbie's 1st time, and Ryan's 1st time in YEARS!

Too much fun was had at the Zoo! We went back to see the elephants twice. He named then Mama Elephant, Daddy Elephant, and Baby Elephant. Daddy Elephant was a girl, but we let him have that one!

It was nap time by the time we left, so we are looking forward to going back for the train ride and seeing the animals we missed.

Bike Ride

We had plenty of time on our hands so we took Kolbie on her 1st bike ride. She still isn't quite big enough for the stroller, so she didn't last long before she was completely slumped over. But Kaylon loved it, as always!

We were so happy to have Daddy at home with us for almost a whole week!


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