Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break Staycation- An Ashby Visit

We were happy to have the Ashby's come visit before we leave for Mississippi. These to are a handful together. We are never quite sure when they are playing or fighting! They both put on a show for us...Stevie on one guitar and Kaylon on the air guitar. They were both jammin! (So were their Daddy's, sorry to say I don't have a picture of that!)

AJ had her hands full playing with Kolbie and Aunt Meag the whole time.

Before too long, Adria had Kaylon running around the back yard without a diaper on trying to show him how to go pee pee outside. He was loving it! He was pushing so hard to make pee pee come out, Mommy had a mess to clean on the other end!

Stevie decided he was going to make pee pee in the toilet and teach Kaylon how to "sword fight!" Oh the joys of raising BOYS!

Quote from Stevie "Kaylon is my BFF!"

Thank you Ashby's for coming to play!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break Staycation- Park & Kite Flying

We decided we would take the kids to Bay Area Park to play and feed the ducks, and have our 1st attempt at flying a kite.

Kolbie Michelle being a big girl trying to climb over the curb.

Of course she crashed on the landing!

Sliding with Aunt B
( I don't know what is with the tongue, but it is always out anymore!)

Daddy helping Kaylon with the balance beam.

Hanging around!

Another crash!
(Don't worry..Daddy caught him on the monkey bars, he crashed after trying to jump off the tire maze)

Daddy and Kaylon flying the kite.
(It seemed to be a bunch of running around for both of them, and not so much flying...)

Kolbie getting an A+ in observation!

Feeding the ducks?

The ducks were no where to be found that day, so instead he played in the mud. (those shoes made it into the trash :)

Do you see that kid? What happened to my baby boy? :(


Monday, March 28, 2011

A Rodeo Daycation

Daddy had a few days off work so we decided we would take the kids for their FIRST trip to the Rodeo. It was crazy fun, over crowded, try everything kinda day!

Lots of fun at the petting zoo. Kaylon was loving on all the different animals. He was so excited and overwhelmed that he didn't know what to touch first. He was a super sweet boy to the baby goats! He also gave the Llama a big kiss on the nose! (It was a bit to crowded to bring Kolbie into the chaos, so she will have to wait until next year)
Had to try it all. Could not RESIST the tractors. Had to tug on all the gears and push all the buttons. GG put him up in the big chair and got his boots shined. You know how much he loves his boots, so that was a real treat!

Uncle Luke was there with his students showing their animals that day. Kaylon and Kolbie both got some up close action with steers until they quickly wore their welcome out!

Kolbie was having the time of her life watching. She is her Mama's child. We can people watch all day long! (Then talk about the crazies all night long!)

( This proves my point that I am a horrible picture taker! I can take pictures all day long, but when the perfect moment comes along, I get to excited and just start rattling off shots, AND EVERY focus is off and my setting is all wrong!Ugh! How perfect would this picture be if I knew what I was doing?!!!)

Of course, we had to wait over 30 minutes in a huge long line to ride a horse. But it was worth it! This time he went all by himself, Daddy didn't even walk next him!

He was such a good boy that Daddy decided to buy him a new guitar on the way out. Kaylon was so beside himself that he had to rock out right there in the middle of the street. All the passers by were enjoying the show!


Spring Break Staycation- Park/Library

We had an wonderful time this Spring Break just finding stuff to do around the area. We had a lot of "firsts" this week!

Play time at the park

We meet up with Sterling & Grady for some play time at the park. Climbing, sliding, swinging, and playing ball all together was fun to watch!

Story Time at the Library

Then we headed to the Library for story time. This was our first "1st" of the week. I hadn't taken them to library yet, but I knew Kaylon had learned all about it in the numerous times he as watched Barney and Caillou go to the Library. WELL, it was CRAZY! Of course he wen flying in he door laughing and giggling, running all through the place. The Library goes got a kick out of it but I was totally embarrassed.
Then we went to the story room, where he had NO interest in sitting there to listen to a story. His ears must have been totally clogged at the time, because he was not listening at ALL! Of course, Sterling and Grady were sitting there like perfect angles :)
After story time and silly dance was over they got to color. Thankfully we know how to do that!

After everything was over...the librarian pulled me aside and said they have story time on Thursdays for infants that has more movement involved and that Kaylon might be better suited in that group until he gets used to the idea if story time! I was mortified!
Never the less, we always have fun with the MacTwins!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1st Birthday Bash- The Goods

Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen! She wasn't much help in the unwrapping department, but she's was an ace when it came to chewing on the paper!

I still haven't found a spot for all her new fun stuff! Clothes, Toys, Money in the Bank & Bows galore...what more could a girl ask for!

Thank you very much to everyone who shared in the joy of Kolbie's special day!
She is one lucky girl!


1st Birthday Bash- Cutting the Cake

This moment was much harder for me than I ever imagined. I don't have the words to explain what I felt when the moment arrived and it was time to sing her "Happy Birthday."
- Mind you...I have been singing her "Happy Birthday to you" for a month now, and over and over again the past few days. Friday was her actual birthday and Saturday was the party. I got so busy with the preparation that I ran out of time to get her a little cake and sing to her on her actual birthday, so I can only imagine that added to my emotion during he party...but I was crying my eyes out! I did NOT want to sing to my baby her "Happy Birthday" song because it was official. She was ONE. No turning back, Do not pass go...It has happened. My angel baby girl was no longer an infant. Hard pill to swallow for me this time for some reason. I had to leave the room to compose myself, while everyone was laughing at me:)

After getting myself together, loosing it all over again, and repeating the cycle several times
...I had to be a big girl and get on with it!

Happy Birthday to YOU...

Happy Birthday to YOU...

Happy Birthday to Kolbie Michelle

Happy Birthday to YOU!



Monday, March 21, 2011

1st Birthday Bash- Family, Friends, and FUN

By now I am sure everyone is sick to death of seeing this picture, but I LOVE IT! When Adria emailed me this photograph of my family, and every one was looking in the same general direction and NO ONE was made me burst out in tears!

We were so blessed to have our daughter surrounded by such wonderful family and friends, and so glad to have everyone share in the joy of her special day.

The kids had tons of fun playing with all the backyard had to offer. They had plenty to do with the 2 bouncy houses, roller coaster, slide, and playroom! It kept them busy for sure!

The only activity I had planned for the party was a Pixie Stick Dip...didn't turn out the exact way I planned, but with an age range of 1-7, the kids made their own rules! (Including double and triple dipping!!) But, the Pixie Stix still turned out delicious!

I also want to give a shout out to Adria of Adria Ashby Photography. She is a great friend and the face behind the camera of all the adorable photo's. We have her come shoot all of our important events. It takes the pressure off of me and we never miss a moment. Thank's Girl! To check out her blog click here!


1st Birthday Bash- The Candle

I have to say the most important decoration and special gift of the party was my angel baby girl's 1st birthday candle. I hand encrusted her candle with over 400 rhinestone crystals on all 5 sides! I wanted a candle that she could use over and over again on her 10th, 16th, 18th, 21st, and 100th Birthdays! On that special day when she goes to blow out this extra special candle she will have a moment with me and remember how very much I love her. It took lots of time and patience ( and several trial and error techniques) for it to turn out perfect, but it was worth every ounce of diligence.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

1st Birthday Bash- The Decor

There are so many detail's I want to cover about this party that I'm having to do it in phase's! It was so much fun planning a PINK party and I am really giving my best effort at this "Domestic Mom" thing, so I decided I would make as many of the decorations myself as I could.

So here you have it...PINK & ORANGE overload!

To start the festivities I digitally designed the invitations, birthday banners (for outside and inside!), the stickers for the goody bags, water bottles, cupcake toppers, and Thank You cards.

I have recently acquired a Cricut which I used to make her banners ("Happy 1st Birthday", "I am one", and "Kolbie") and the party hats. The Cricut cake was even used to cut out her name for her smash cake! I am starting to heart the Cricut! What a great invention that was!

I spent HOURS putting together a Ribbon topiary, a Tulle tree, 3 tulle wands, 2 cupcake stands and about 30 different tissue pom poms! Thankfully I didn't have to worry with making the food. I have the best Aunt's in the world who handled that for me!

I want to give a special shout out to KK's best Cakes for making the most awesome birthday cake and cupcakes for this very special party. You can check out her shop at or follow her blog here.