Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday!

I can't believe you are already ONE. My oh my how this year has flown by! You have been a busy busy girl!

-Last bottle was the night before your birthday (unbeknown to you!)
-You are still a tiny thing wearing mostly 6-9 months clothes and some 12 months
-You are stuck to Mommy like GLUE, and scream your head off every time I walk out of the room!
-You started Mothers Day Out and go twice a week with Kaylon
-You have been pushing our toys all around, but have just started to stand on your own for a few seconds at a time (Mema says your diaper is still to heavy...wh
atever that means!)
-You rarely keep your bows in your hair anymore. I have to distract you from them or they come immediately out! :( So I have resorted to itty bitty bo
ws so you can't reach them!
-You LOVE to talk on the phone. Every toy you have, you turn it into a phone!
-You are a pro at crawling! Next opportunity I am entering you into a diaper dash!
-You can say Da Da, Ma Ma, Bu Bu, Ta Ta (thank you), and wave hi and bye with the best of them.

- You are still wearing size 3 diapers (for like 4 months now!)
-You love to dance to our usual tunes ( Itsy Bitsy Spider, A Bushel and a Peck, and Patty Cake)
-You are so bashful when people talk and smile at you.
-You are a lovey dovey sweet baby when you are being held.
- You have a streak of meanness in you that posses you to pull your brothers hair, and to bite every now and again. ( Cousin Joey said it best when he told said you were a sweet bite of frosting with rotten cake underneath!)
-You absolutely HATE to play dress up anymore, and it has become a pure fight to get you dressed after a diaper change.
-You play very well by yourself when we are outside and love to discover all the things nature has to offer.

To my sweet angel baby girl,
You take my breath away.
Love, Mommy


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  1. What a sweetie pie you have on your hands. I pray that her and Macy will grow up and become best buds, (because I love her mommy to death.)
    I can't believe this baby girl is already a year old. I thought I just sat in a booth a Chilis holding an itty bitty bow head!! Makes me so sad. :(
    I am still talking about her over the top cutie pie party!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOLBIE. Auntie M loves you to pieces.

    Auntie M and your BFF Macy


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