Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break Staycation- Park/Library

We had an wonderful time this Spring Break just finding stuff to do around the area. We had a lot of "firsts" this week!

Play time at the park

We meet up with Sterling & Grady for some play time at the park. Climbing, sliding, swinging, and playing ball all together was fun to watch!

Story Time at the Library

Then we headed to the Library for story time. This was our first "1st" of the week. I hadn't taken them to library yet, but I knew Kaylon had learned all about it in the numerous times he as watched Barney and Caillou go to the Library. WELL, it was CRAZY! Of course he wen flying in he door laughing and giggling, running all through the place. The Library goes got a kick out of it but I was totally embarrassed.
Then we went to the story room, where he had NO interest in sitting there to listen to a story. His ears must have been totally clogged at the time, because he was not listening at ALL! Of course, Sterling and Grady were sitting there like perfect angles :)
After story time and silly dance was over they got to color. Thankfully we know how to do that!

After everything was over...the librarian pulled me aside and said they have story time on Thursdays for infants that has more movement involved and that Kaylon might be better suited in that group until he gets used to the idea if story time! I was mortified!
Never the less, we always have fun with the MacTwins!


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