Monday, March 28, 2011

A Rodeo Daycation

Daddy had a few days off work so we decided we would take the kids for their FIRST trip to the Rodeo. It was crazy fun, over crowded, try everything kinda day!

Lots of fun at the petting zoo. Kaylon was loving on all the different animals. He was so excited and overwhelmed that he didn't know what to touch first. He was a super sweet boy to the baby goats! He also gave the Llama a big kiss on the nose! (It was a bit to crowded to bring Kolbie into the chaos, so she will have to wait until next year)
Had to try it all. Could not RESIST the tractors. Had to tug on all the gears and push all the buttons. GG put him up in the big chair and got his boots shined. You know how much he loves his boots, so that was a real treat!

Uncle Luke was there with his students showing their animals that day. Kaylon and Kolbie both got some up close action with steers until they quickly wore their welcome out!

Kolbie was having the time of her life watching. She is her Mama's child. We can people watch all day long! (Then talk about the crazies all night long!)

( This proves my point that I am a horrible picture taker! I can take pictures all day long, but when the perfect moment comes along, I get to excited and just start rattling off shots, AND EVERY focus is off and my setting is all wrong!Ugh! How perfect would this picture be if I knew what I was doing?!!!)

Of course, we had to wait over 30 minutes in a huge long line to ride a horse. But it was worth it! This time he went all by himself, Daddy didn't even walk next him!

He was such a good boy that Daddy decided to buy him a new guitar on the way out. Kaylon was so beside himself that he had to rock out right there in the middle of the street. All the passers by were enjoying the show!


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  1. that is precious! Our little guitar player cracks me up!!!