Saturday, July 30, 2011

Aunt Meag

My little sister took it all on her own to fly solo to MS and visit us before she starts back to school.

She was nervous flying by herself, so the kids and decided we would park the car and meet her at baggage claim. She was surprised to see us inside, and the kids jumped all over her.

Days 1-3 were shopping days (hehe) and day 4 on the way back to the airport the whole family stopped at the New Orleans Aquarium. That was adventure! After I leave large public places like that it reminds me why I try to save them for during school days!! It was a crazy mess with tons of people. Kolbie enjoyed looking at all the neat fish, but Kaylon just liked the cartoon caricatures displayed around the facility. Being in such crowded places with the kids gives me major anxiety, so we saw everything there was to see and headed out for a good lunch.

When it was time to drop Meagan off at the airport, I had to give her a quick hug bye and jump back in the car so she wouldn't see me crying. I hate not being able to spend as much time with my 2 sisters as I used too. But , it makes me cherish these short tips soo sooo soooo much!

I think Aunt B may have officially lost her "favorite Aunt" status! :)


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dana comes to PLAY!!

What can we possibly pack into 4 days of nothing but RAIN????


Since we were already there to pick up Dana at the airport...why not play all day in NO? Like everyone else in the city we tried to hide from the rain and enjoy some beignets! Got a little shopping done, ate some GREAT food, and walked, and walked, and walked :)


Rain rain go away! It rained the whole way there and the whole way back, but thankfully there was a break in the rain long enough for us to play! To start the island adventure...I decided I would get the blue beast of a Tahoe STUCK in the sand!! (Note: my 1st time driving on the super fine powder!) That adventure swallowed up most of our free time, and quite a bit of our cash too. BUT...the beach was beautiful. The water was a gorgeous shade of turquoise. Kolbie Michelle was brave and and went for a deep swim with Dana. I on the other hand stayed shallow with my dare devil :)


Not real sure how we decided to do something like tour an Alligator Farm, but's here, and something new to do!!
I was terrified walking thru the swamps on the rickety planks they called a bridge, and more so when it came to touching the slimy suckers! Brave Dana had to show us up and hold the thing, which was all fine and good until it moved in her hands and she nearly launched the tiny baby back into the keepers hands! :) Kaylon was very interested, but because we are avid Swamp People watchers was well aware of their biting capabilities and kept his distance. It was just to darn hot for Kolbie to care about anything...

Never really know what is in store when Dana and I are in each others company, but its sure to be a story...a really long story...with no really good explanation as to how it came about!!

Love you Dana!! Thank you for coming to play on the ENTIRE GULF COAST! (haha)


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Papa Diz & Miga Visit

Papa Diz, Miga, and the girls were on their way to Florida and stopped by to see us for the morning. We were so happy to get to see every one especially since we didn't get to see them when we were home a few weeks ago.

We spent the morning at the park, where Kaylon couldn't help himself but to crush hard on Loryn!
and finished the afternoon with a yummy breakfast.

We had fun, thank you for stopping in for a visit! Love y'all!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Cow Appreciation Day

We LOVE Chick-Fil-A and usually go about once a week. It is one of the indoor activities we have come to love. Playing in the Playplace and lunch all in one. So when the opportunity arose for us show our appreciation, we were there! Honestly, we don't wear much cow print in our house, so I had to be creative and tape some white "cow spots" on our black shirts. Kolbie just wore Zebra for the day:) But was cute and it got us a free lunch! Can't beat that!

Both of the kids were mesmerized by the cow. Kolbie couldn't keep her eyes off of him, or her fingers out of his nose! She kept mooing every time she caught a glance at him. Kaylon thought the cow was his new best friend and took him on a tour around the restaurant. He gave him lost of hugs and even a kiss on the nose too.

Fun times :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Forey 4th of July weekend (Part Two)

Saturday morning Ryan's Aunt Lori and cousin Courtney showed up to join in the fun. We spent the whole day visiting and doing a little shopping. Ryan cooked us his gourmet "Bobby Flavor Flay" meal that was delicious!

We really didn't have any plans, so Sunday we decided to drive to Dauphine Island (near Mobile, AL) to check out the beach house Rick & Patti rented for their visit in August. After that we decided we could do some more shopping and hit up the local Flea Market, where I have to say...Kaylon and Kolbie scored in the "we really don't need this but its so cheap" toy department :) Aunt Lori and Kolbie made out with the best deal and got a free toy. Probably because they are so cute. Needless to say, the kids were happy campers!

We were all starving by the time we left, so we decided to stop in at Felix's Seafood Restaurant on Mobile Bay, where half of us decided to order the Shrimp and Girts and were in no way disappointed. I think every one except me ordered the Macaroni and Cheese, Cheese, Cheese as their side dish. Yes...You want some! Order both!! :)

Ocean Springs decided to have their fireworks display on Sunday night, and we barely made it to the beach on time and the kids didn't last long before they fell asleep. (No my daughter is not asleep playing in the sand...she is allergic to the camera flash...its impossible!)

The morning of the 4th, we decided we would try out the Champagne Brunch at The Buffet inside the Beau Rivage. Long story short, there were no crab legs so when everyone comes back to visit, we are headed there again...but it was still a delicious buffet :)

My son loves to toast and say "Cheers. "
He made his way around the table more than once.

Kolbie didn't think the tea was sweet enough :)

This time we made it to the beach with plenty of time to play and enjoy the fireworks. Daddy and Pop decided to buy some of our own fireworks to light on the beach while we were waiting for the big show. Everybody else on the beach decided the same thing, so It turned out the "Big Show" was all around us.

The kids did very well with the fireworks. Kolbie would point and say "Ahhh" in her sweet little voice and Kaylon... didn't get hurt.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Pop, Noni, Lori, and Courtney for coming to visit and sharing in our fun.

Happy Independence Day everyone!!


(Sidebar: I stumbled on some super cute nail polish for Kolbie at a Boutique in the Beau Rivage...1st time Kolbie has had her toes painted. That's right. They glow in the dark! Cutest toes I have ever seen!)

A Forey 4th of July weekend (Part One)

We had lots of company for the long holiday weekend, and we couldn't have been more excited to welcome everyone!

Pop & Noni surprised the kids bright and early Thursday morning after they got in late from their flight the night before. We decided to break them in 1st with a "Home Cooked Meal" from The Heritage House. Its a cute little restaurant close to Ryan's office that is owned by a bunch of Grandma's who do everything from cooking to waiting on the tables. Its adorable AND delicious!

Daddy had to rush off to work, so the kids and I took Pop & Noni to the slash park that we love so much. There was a bit of playing in the water, but Kaylon was more focused on giving the grand tour of the entire park! He was so proud to show them around.

Day 2 was designated CIRCUS DAY, so we spent the morning relaxing at the pool wearing the kids out so they would have a good long nap and be ready for the circus.

I have only taken the kids to the pool once this summer and it was not the best experience. They were both nervous and very clingy. Its hard to get anything accomplished when they are both trying to drown you!! We usually stick to the splash pads and water hoses so, I was happy to have Noni & Pop there to help.

To my amazement Kolbie did awesome! She was not afraid one bit. She started jumping in right when we got there and was splashing around and kicking her feet like crazy.

Kaylon on the other hand was terrified the water was going to go in his nose. Silly boy! He was in his comfort zone just playing on the steps for hours. That is until a neighbor friend of our showed up with her 2 year old little boy in floatys. Dallon just ran and jumped in and started swimming all over. We all know my son...he was NOT about to let this boy be bigger than he was, and just like that...all his fear was out the door. He started jumping out to the middle of the pool and swimming all around. I had to call for backup from Pop just because he was being so brave!

My WATER BABIES! (Have I mentioned lately how much I love my waterproof camera? I do, I do!)

After good naps it was finally time to go to the Circus! It was the first time ever Ryan, Kaylon, and Kolbie had ever been to the circus, and the 1st time I had been to a Ringling Bros. circus.

My Big boy was excited to see the Elephants, but when we got inside was surprised to see the Clown, and the horses and the motorcycles.

Kolbie's favorite part was probably the horses and camels. The cats and dogs got her attention too. And of course the Elephants were the stars of the show.

I was so happy to have them experience the circus. It was one of those moments that melts my heart.