Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st Day Mothers Day Out, Class 2

All day yesterday I was telling Kaylon, "School day tomorrow!" and like any kid, he would holler back at me "Nooooo!" Same went for this morning, but he woke up happy as can be, ate his breakfast, got dressed, and helped me with his back pack. He even waited patiently on his side of the car for me to come put him in his chair. The story changed when we got into the parking lot. He was tugging on my leg, whining, and wanted me to carry him the whole way walking into the building. Once we got inside it was all smiles. We got to his new class room. He is now in "Class 2" with the 2 year olds. We still have our favorite teacher, Mrs. Danyel.

It was weird because when he started last year, every one referred to him as "the baby" because he was only 11 months old. Now he is in a big boy class. When I was dropping him off, I was shocked to see that every kid in his class was Potty TRAINED! Even Ashley who is only 13 days older than him! Not cool. So now I have some hard work ahead of me!

After a few pictures, all the kids settled down for a snack. I saw this as my opportunity to sneak out. I grabbed my bag turned around and heard "Bye Bye." He ran up to me, gave me kisses, gave sister kisses and was on his way! No tears today from either of us! We are getting so big!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pirates Bay Again!

We had so much fun last week at the water park, Mema decided we should make it a weekly date. As expected, we had a fabulous time!

Mema even decided she was going to go down one of the water slides! Watch this!

Here I am with my sweet babies!

Kolbie had to show off her new bikini! Lots of compliments!

Jenna and TJ made is out this time. Mackinzie even went body surfing all by herself!
My little fish.

Here is a short video of Kaylon playing in the water.

Can't wait to go back.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eagle Point Wave Pool in Mont Belvieu

The wave pool has been on our list of things to do this summer. Our 1st attempt ended after arriving and having to wait for 2 hours because of thunder miles away and leaving before our feet ever touched the water.

Our 2nd attempt was much more successful. Kaylon LOVED the waves. They were pretty tough, knock you down kinda waves...but I think that is what he liked so much. This was the 1st time I have ever put in in a life jacket in the water and I was worried he would pitch a fit to take it off, but once he was in the water he didn't seem to mind in much. As for me...I would not recommend going in the wave pool with out it! It gave him more free rain to wonder off a few feet away and me the piece of mind to not have to have a hand on him the entire time.

Some of the time he would just float, other times he would kick his feet. He really liked to play in the waves with the inner tube. At one point I was sitting at the entrance to the water with the waves crashing while he was playing all around me, then out of nowhere he jumped on me just as a wave was crashing down. It mowed us over, and of course the waves kept coming and coming, so it took nearly six or seven waves crashing on us before I could get us up out of the water. Scarred him half to death. He was done after that, and it was way past nap time so we headed out after that. I thought it would be something to do and cross off our list, but I kinda excited to take him back.

Kolbie on the other hand is fine just lounging in the water. She kicks her feet and makes splashes all around, but did NOT care for the waves! So she sat out working on her tan with her Aunt Meagan and Aunt B.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Our WIGGLY Adventure

The Wiggles are in town, so we decided we would drop Little Miss Sunshine off at Grammy's house and have a Wiggly fun day with just Mommy, Daddy, and Our Sweet Boy.

Ryan and I have never even seen an episode of The Wiggles and had no idea clue who the characters were or any of their popular songs. So to start our Wiggly Adventure I had to do some research. We were pretty curious to know how well Kaylon would do with all the excitement and if he would participate.

He is definitely a people watcher like his Mama, but after the lights went down and the action started, it caught his attention. He joined in clapping, jumping, and dancing to the songs. There was a "strong song" that he was thrilled to join in and show his muscles! Crazy boy!

He tired out quick with no nap, so we ended up sneaking out 20 min early, but all in all it was tons of Wiggly fun for the family!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just Swinging...

Playing at the park today.
Kolbie's 1st time in the swing.

She looooved it! Silly girl!

Kaylon has been being a shy boy for the camera.

He will look at me and say cheese, then give a silly boy cheesy grin!

They make my heart skip a beat.

Here is a video from my cell phone of my angel's swinging at the park today. Enjoy!


Playing at Pirates Bay

Met up with our twin friends, and made some new one's at Baytown's new water park.
It took Kaylon a little while to get used to all the commotion, but once he settled in...it was on!

Of course, his favorite was the slides. Before the evening was over, he was throwing himself over face 1st! Crazy boy! He went around the lazy river, too. He preferred to do that riding in a tube. My sweet boy didn't care much for the big bucket dumping water on him, in fact, it scared him half to death every time the water came crashing down. But that didn't stop him!

Little Miss Sunshine was present too. I don't think she is going to be my water baby. She was looking cute and sassy in her hat and bikini and forced to be along for the ride. She was exceptionally well behaved the whole time. It made it easier for me to get quality water time with both thanks to Mema, Aunt Meagan, and Aunt B tagging along! It wouldn't have been half has relaxing with out them!

Thanks to Tatum and the twins for sending us these pics!