Thursday, August 5, 2010

Playing at Pirates Bay

Met up with our twin friends, and made some new one's at Baytown's new water park.
It took Kaylon a little while to get used to all the commotion, but once he settled was on!

Of course, his favorite was the slides. Before the evening was over, he was throwing himself over face 1st! Crazy boy! He went around the lazy river, too. He preferred to do that riding in a tube. My sweet boy didn't care much for the big bucket dumping water on him, in fact, it scared him half to death every time the water came crashing down. But that didn't stop him!

Little Miss Sunshine was present too. I don't think she is going to be my water baby. She was looking cute and sassy in her hat and bikini and forced to be along for the ride. She was exceptionally well behaved the whole time. It made it easier for me to get quality water time with both thanks to Mema, Aunt Meagan, and Aunt B tagging along! It wouldn't have been half has relaxing with out them!

Thanks to Tatum and the twins for sending us these pics!


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