Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eagle Point Wave Pool in Mont Belvieu

The wave pool has been on our list of things to do this summer. Our 1st attempt ended after arriving and having to wait for 2 hours because of thunder miles away and leaving before our feet ever touched the water.

Our 2nd attempt was much more successful. Kaylon LOVED the waves. They were pretty tough, knock you down kinda waves...but I think that is what he liked so much. This was the 1st time I have ever put in in a life jacket in the water and I was worried he would pitch a fit to take it off, but once he was in the water he didn't seem to mind in much. As for me...I would not recommend going in the wave pool with out it! It gave him more free rain to wonder off a few feet away and me the piece of mind to not have to have a hand on him the entire time.

Some of the time he would just float, other times he would kick his feet. He really liked to play in the waves with the inner tube. At one point I was sitting at the entrance to the water with the waves crashing while he was playing all around me, then out of nowhere he jumped on me just as a wave was crashing down. It mowed us over, and of course the waves kept coming and coming, so it took nearly six or seven waves crashing on us before I could get us up out of the water. Scarred him half to death. He was done after that, and it was way past nap time so we headed out after that. I thought it would be something to do and cross off our list, but I kinda excited to take him back.

Kolbie on the other hand is fine just lounging in the water. She kicks her feet and makes splashes all around, but did NOT care for the waves! So she sat out working on her tan with her Aunt Meagan and Aunt B.


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