Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Emergency Room

Well...that's it. Daddy is buying her a bubble. My poor baby girl needs to catch a break!
She and big brother were bathing in our tub Saturday night when I caught her crawling out of the back of the tub on to the ledge. I hollered at her to get back in the tub. Startling her as she was sliding herself back into the tub, she bumped into one of the candle sticks I had displayed and it came crashing down. It hit the tub just right to break it and the heaviest part came sliding down getting Kolbie right smack in the lower thigh just above her knee.
It was slow motion for me. I saw the candle teeter tottering, I saw it hit the the tub and as I was running I saw her leg. Ryan tells me I let out a scream but all I know is I saw my poor baby's flesh gushing blood and white matter that's supposed to be kept inside hanging on the outside. I yanked her up and was there with a towel putting pressure on it while I was trying to comfort her and her brother that everything was ok. Daddy was 2 steps behind me swiping up Kaylon to make sure he was ok as he kept crying "I love my Sissy, I love my Sissy" over and over again. Daddy got everybody dressed while I was still holding on to Kolbie's mutilated leg.
Once we got to the ER, Grammy met us to pick up Kaylon and they called us back. The doctor made sure we would be ok to hold her down while the nurse helped us and assisted the doctor in her exam and procedure. I will never forget the look on her eyes when that doctor stuck her right in her wound with the local anesthetic. They had her wrapped up in a sheet so she wouldn't move, but I was laying across her chest to hold her and make sure she couldn't see and Daddy was holding her hand and her head. It's a good thing to because she is a strong little girl. She was mortified and I'm sure traumatized from all that was going on.
She actually did very very well. She wasn't crying in car ride or in the waiting room while I'm sitting there with a blood soaked towel nearly cutting off the circulation on her leg. She did say during her screams that she wanted to her Daddy and me and no more doctor! Who could blame her.
Needless to say she got nine stitches, two underneath and seven on top. Those are to come out in 7 to 10 days during that time she needs to take her antibiotic every six hours to prevent infection apparently the antibiotics she is on for her ears won't cut it with skin infections. So now she's on two antibiotics, eardrops and pain medicine. Heaven help our medical bills. But it could've been worse! I am thankful that Kaylon wasn't hurt too.

Monday, June 25, 2012

My poor baby

Kolbie has had her a rough couple if weeks. 2 weeks ago she woke up in the middle of the night with a high fever. I went ahead and took her to the doctor and they tested her for the flu since her fever was so high. Turns out the test was POSITIVE influenza virus A strand. She was sick for a solid 7 days with a fever up to 105.2. Sick little girl. Once she broke her fever, she was well enough to go back to school. Or so I thought. The night b4 her 1st day back at school I noticed her ear was draining, but I really wasn't concerned thinking it may just be her sinus' draining from the after shock of the flu. At school the next day her poor ear was like a faucet...so I went ahead and took her back to the doctor. It was a good thing I did too because it turns out she has ruptured her ear drums. Not just the one that was leaking but BOTH her ear drums.
I felt like one guilty Momma. I knew she was fussy and not feeling good but I had no idea she was in so much pain from her ears too. I couldn't help myself but cry to the doctor. She tried to comfort me by sympathizing that kids her age just can't communicate the pain sometimes. It didn't help. I've been sick to my stomach replaying all her actions in my head thinking I must have just missed her telling me they hurt, and recalling some stories I have heard from others about how much it hurt them. Ugh! I hate it! Anyway, she's back to the doctor in a couple weeks to make sure she has healed up fine and her hearing is normal. Keeping our fingers crossed!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Blueberry Picking 2012

This time we made a play date out of our blueberry picking and went with our friends The Woodell's.This year we went late like around 7 o'clock PM. (Note to self this is the way to do it every year!) The weather wasn't too hot, the park wasn't too crowded, and there were plenty of berries. The kids were running around having a good time picking berries,tasting them, climbing up the bushes, and jumping off of sand piles. Unfortunately we would have brought home more berries but Kolbie Michelle kept DUMPING them out! As we were picking, she was unpacking! ( 2nd note to self- Kolbie doesn't get to hold the bucket next year!!!)