Thursday, September 29, 2011

"You slapped me!"

Talk about a reflex!
Let me set the scene...

There I am laying on our bed, in the middle of a deep conversation (about our broken dryer) when all of the sudden I start getting swatted in the face with a hat.

I make the angry eyes, I point my finger and shake it, all the while still getting swatted with this hat that my son of course begins to think is a game. Mind you, I am still on the phone.

Then all if the sudden this gentle annoying swat turned into a skin stinging smack on my cheek from the brim of this hat. Unfortunately for him, he was in striking distance range.quick as lightning before even I KNEW what happened...SLAP! Right across the check! We were both stunned, that I had to interrupt our conversation and confess my sins! " I just slapped my son!" I told Grammy. Of course she tried to comfort me, but Kaylon is still looking at me flabbergasted by the situation until he finally said in an increasingly upset tone..."You SLAPPED me!"

For which my only response was reiterating that I asked him to stop (which disturbed me how much I sound like my Mother in that very moment)

I felt (still feel) very guilty that it happened and even more so that it left a mark, but you know what...I haven't gotten swatted with that durn hat again! So...I guess it worked!

Oh great! He knows I'm talking about him because now he's hanging on my neck telling me how much he loves me "to pieces." Way to work it little boy!

On a side note:
Kolbie Michelle better watch out with that attitude she's been walking around with lately because that fast as lighting reflex might jump out and regulate again!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Kaylon is 3!

My sweet super hero is 3 years old today! It has nearly been a solid year now that Iron Man came into our lives, and at one point I was worried Kaylon would never come back. Now we have a multiple personality issue because Spider Man has now graced us with his presence. You never really know who you are talking to anymore. And the armor is not necessarily a give away. He can morph back and forth pretty quickly. 6 months ago I decided to do a Cookie Monster themed birthday party for him because he loved the blue furry guy, and he still does. But, I am feeling pretty guilty about not changing it to Super Hero's, because after all...its no joke. He really is a Super Hero. He's only Kaylon on his down time. What do you do! By his track record, he will still be Spider Man this time next year, and we can go all our super hero! So watch out!

We are going home to have the Cookie Monster party in Crosby, so we decided to have some little Spidey Cupcakes and sing him Happy Birthday with a few of our Mississippi friends (the Duvall's)...and wouldn't you know it...I didn't get a single picture of him...on his 3rd Birthday!
I'm really slacking....
(we did video it I won't beat myself up over it)

Happy Birthday My Hero!! Mommy loves you with all her heart!!


Thursday, September 15, 2011


When Ryan took the job in Mississippi, it was moments like these that we were looking forward to. Being able to have family outing, just the four of us...its priceless.

We all know Kaylon is our little super hero, so when I saw that Sesame Street was coming to town we were all about it, and the fact that it was all about "Super Hero's" was a PLUS!

Kolbie's 1st show was the circus a few months ago and she did very well. I was still kind of nervous to see how she would do sitting through a long play like this one. But she looooves Cookie Monster and Big Bird, so I was anxious to see how she would react when seeing them.

They were both so excited! Kaylon has a super big smile on every time Super Grover was on stage, and when he wasn't...he was looking for him!

Kolbie was making "num num" Cookie Monster noises and bird noises all through the 1st half. And when Abby would make her fairy noises, she was in awe!

That was until intermission of course. For the 10 min break we let the kids climb up and down the stairs and play chase ( anything to keep them away from the $10 balloons and the $15 stuffed dolls :)

So when intermission was over, there was no sitting still. Those stairs were on their minds.
The show would get their attention back when it was time to sing songs and wiggle around. When it was all over...they did NOT want to say bye! It was unfortunate the characters dont come out after the show to give hugs and take pictures. Later I found out they do offer it but it is only available at one showing. Lessons learned Mommy. Next time!

(Btw...Kaylon has now changed his dragon slaying helmet into a Super Grover helmet. Which...was very creative because it does look exactly the same!)


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mommy Photography

Headed to the park today to enjoy this beautiful weather Tropical Storm Lee blew in. Meet Up with some of our MS friends, Rebecca and Addison to have a sweet little picnic and play time. And hey...why not get some good use out of my big fancy camera that the best husband in the world bought for me :)

Had to throw this one in. We heard a train off in the distance and quick as lightning Adalyn was between her Mommy's legs hiding from the train. So cute!!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend 2011

While we were home for the weekend, GG decided she would like to take the kids for the night and treat them to some special GG fun.

We packed up and met her and Aunt B in Katy, and Aunt Meag made the long haul back from San Marcos to visit too. We spent some time at Katy Mills Mall riding the carousel, the cho cho train , and getting a little shopping done.

First chance I got to eat out, We hit up Mexican food! We were having major withdrawals. (Ok... mainly just me...)

GG and the girls took the kids to a neat little Bed and Breakfast in Katy where the kids got to feed the animals and ride on the donkeys. Mom said Kaylon even picked fresh eggs. Thankfully I left her my camera so I have these great shots.

While my Mom had the kids Ryan and I were big nerds spending our night out shopping at Toys R Us. I know, lame! But it was fun for us! Thanks for the break mom!


We visit HOME! (Labor Day 2011)

Ryan has yet to be able to make it back home to Crosby since the move out here to MS. So we took advantage of the long Labor Day weekend and ventured home.

Friday night we were excited to have a mini Forey reunion with Sean, Melissa, Brynlee and Chance. It was crazy to think the last time we saw them was 6 months ago!! How time flies! Grammy, Pop & Noni, Mema, and Scott all stopped by to hang out too.

It was fun to see the cousins all hanging out together. Brynlee wanted pick up and hold Kolbie all night, and Kolbie wasn't having much of that... She's a big girl now! Kaylon and Chance were bouncing off the wall and the couch and any other surface they could tackle each other on. Those giggles were contagious.

We were all having such a good time in each others company that the only time i thought to pick up the camera was when all the kids gathered around Grammy to get a bite to eat!

(Not the best picture, but a sweet moment no the less!)

Our children did start the day off clothed, but after Kaylon went nuts with the water hose (due to Pop & Noni's encouragement :) the end result was 4 naked toddlers...

The guys mostly hing out outside giving each other a hard time about their upcoming Fantasy football draft, while us girls stayed inside pouring each other another drink! hehe!

It was a great visit and it made us miss home so much.