Sunday, September 23, 2012

1st born's 4th Birthday

It's crazy because I find myself thinking,"He's so big...I hope doesn't stop doing all the cute and adorable things little kids do!" . And stuff like "His Dad remembers things from when he was 4, I wonder what he will remember?"
It seems like so many changes come from turning 4. Maybe they are all in my head...but I swear I can see him change right before my eyes.

Kaylon 4 weeks old

Kaylon 4 years old

So, I thought it might be a nice tradition to try and answer some questions to document who he is today. Granted the answers to the questions will most definitely be different by tomorrow...but it was fun to see his answers.

1. What is your favorite color?  Green and blue
2. What is your favorite toy? My Woody
3. What is your favorite fruit?  Pizza (really strawberries, but he said Pizza)
4. What is your favorite tv show?  Spider Man and Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Thor, and Iron Man, and Captain America
5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Pizza
6. What is your favorite outfit?  My costumes…Hulk
7. What is your favorite game? Hockey!!???
8. What is your favorite snack? 

9. What is your favorite animal?  Lion
10. What is your favorite song?  (Made Up lyrics) and Barney
11. What is your favorite book?  Barney, Mother Goose
12. Who is your best friend?  Ronson
13. What is your favorite cereal? Scooby Doo where are you
14. What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Play Scooby Doo where are you
15. What is your favorite drink?  Scooby Snacks
16. What is your favorite holiday?  No answer
17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? My Woody  
18. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  Scooby Snacks
19. What do you want for dinner on your birthday?  A cake
20. What do you want to be when you grow up? Peter Pan

For the record...we really DONT eat pizza THAT much, and Scooby Doo...Not sure where any of those answers come from. We have given Lucy scooby snacks before, and I wouldnt be shocked of he tried them, but I have never witnessed the act. And for documentation sake, he is clearly a Super Hero 99%of the day...indoor or outdoor play. 

I love this kids more than I ever knew possible. Even though he drives me to my wits end on a dailybases. He and his sister are the reasons my heart beat.

Happy 4th birthday to my sweet baby boy!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Super Bash

It was a Super Bash For My SUPERHERO! Thank you everyone who came out to play!

Super Decorations

Super Friends

The Super Family

The Super HERO Surprise!