Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Big Scare

This Thursday I had my usual one week check at the OB to make sure Kolbie is growing well and my sugar levels are stable. I had an awesome ultrasound session. Kolbie was moving all over the place. We finally got a great shot of her face. We were even able to see that she has grown a little mohawk. Its funny to see hair light up on that dark screen. She put on a little more than average weight the past few weeks growing from 4 lbs 13oz two weeks ago to a woping 6lbs 4oz. My doctor was very happy to see her doing so well saying "If only every baby could look like this." So, I am ecstatic about that.

Sweet baby face (look at those lips! Just like Daddy)

Daddy's cheeks and eyes, too! What do I have to do? (Check out the mohawk)

On the other hand, pregnancy seems to play hardball with Mommy's body. If you remember, Kaylon wasn't the easiest baby to carry. Despite my glucose levels being manageable under medication, my blood pressure seems to be increasingly on the rise. At the office the first reading was 152/90 and after lying there for 15 to 20 min it crept up to 172/110. This is obviously not healthy for me or the baby. So off to Labor and Delivery I go. Once again at 36 weeks and all on my own. Fortunately, after lying in a hospital bed all of Thursday until Friday evening, my blood pressure became stable again. That being said, my kidney's have begun to shed excessive amounts of protein (which is also a sign of pre-eclampsia.) Needless to say, Dr. Boswell was unsure to send me home on Friday, but with a promise to take it easy, she agreed. With strict orders of monitoring my BP, glucose levels, urine dips, and bed rest I am now home, but must report back to Labor and Delivery 1st thing Tuesday morning for a day full of monitoring again.

That being said, I am in crazy amounts of Kaylon with drawl so I am headed off now to go pick up him up from Pop and Noni's. Bed rest was not designed with this Mommy in mind, but I do promise to take it easy.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Sad Day Indeed

A sure sign our baby is turning into a big boy. The dreaded "Closed Mouth Kiss" has taken over my child. He has become increasingly stingy with his kisses here lately, but a few days ago he decided to give some up, but he puckered up for them! What! No sir, Mommy is not ready for that...I yelled for Ryan to come witness, then I proceeded to correct him by showing him to open his mouth again. Crisis diverted, at least we though. Today "Closed Mouth Kiss" was all we received. He did grace Aunt Mel with a halfzie (half open, half pucker.) I do have to admit, it is pretty cute to see him try and pucker, but geez time flies.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Playtime at the park

As always, to see more pictures click here.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Prepare yourself...several updates below

I have been bad on updates since we are getting spoiled with Daddy time. He has been off for a week now and has another to go before he has to return to work on Feb 22. We have been trying to stay busy with lots of activities (as you will see below).

Kaylon is almost 17 months old now and still amazes us every day. He is so independent. He thinks he can do anything all on his own, especially when it comes to eating. He is still struggling with silverware, but refuses to give in.
He is talking more and more. Mostly jibber jabber, but he has impressed us with a few double words. His 1st was Night Night, but he is wearing out "all gone" everything is "all gone" his sweet voice combined with his serious expressions and hand movements. Ugh...he makes my cup runeth over.

Kolbie, on the other hand, has turned into a crazy girl doing back flips, tossing and turning, and beating me up on the inside. My last appointment 2 weeks ago with a NST showed I was having minor contractions every 5-7 minutes. I couldn't feel them, and they were minor enough the Doctor didn't mind. Last week Ryan was able to go with me for the ultrasound. We got this amazing shot of her face that gave us an insight on just how much she is going to look like her Daddy. His bone structure for sure. Same eyes, cheeks, and lips. We couldn't see her nose because her hands were in the way. We were there to check up on her size since with gestational diabetes babies tend to be large. She measured prefect for her age at approx 4lbs 15oz. Her reading was only an ounce or 2 different from Kaylon at the same gestation.

I have another appointment with a NST again tomorrow. I am nearing 35 weeks now, and this was about the time things started getting more complicated with Kaylon's pregnancy. Cross your fingers and toes everything goes well tomorrow. We want her to grow much longer inside than her big brother did. I will update again soon.

Check out the next few post to see what we have been doing while Daddy has been home.


Mardi Gras

On a whim this Saturday, we decided to take the kiddo to Mardi Gras in Galveston. We decided we were going to go at the very last minute (debating whether it would be to cold with the ocean wind blowing.) We decided to go ahead, and me, being the kind of Mommy I am, dressed my son in his pj bottoms, wind pants, a thermal shirt under his t-shirt, along with a fleece pull over, a wind breaker and beanie. Oh, and I brought him a blanket. We were able to pick up Travis, a friend of ours, along with his 2 kids and made it to catch the beginning of the 1 o'clock parade line just as it was coming to an end. Luckily we got to see the whole parade. Kaylon, having features identical to his daddy, was watching all those crazy people and noises and things flying in the air unable to decide to take his eyes off one thing to see the next. Proof, that he is MY flesh and blood!

I had never been to Mardi Gras, so It was lots of fun to experience it for our 1st time together. He got tons of beads! Some of the Parade participants would walk right up to him and place the beads around his neck. He would just stare at them. It was very sweet. After the parade we walked down the streets where people were everywhere hollering for more beads from the people up in the balconies. Kaylon was CONFUSED! With all the noise and stuff flying around in the air, you could see why. After I repeatedly pointed in the air for him to look up, finally he did, and saw all the people above. He gave a great big smile, and waved to the nice people. They must have gotten warm fuzzies inside from that, because they started dropping beads all around us.

It was awesome to see how gracious every one was to the children. We will be making it a point to take them every year. Daddy gets brownie points for another great idea on how to spend the day.

Wonderwild. What?

Since Daddy has been off work for a week, the weather has been ICKYYYYYY! My out door boys have been getting stir cr@zy. So last Wednesday we decided we were going to go somewhere or do something to get out of the house. After an hour of research on google, i gave uo and handed the job over to Daddy while I jumped in the shower. By the time i got out he had found the ideal place for us to try out. Wonderwild on North Shepard in the Heights was a find! They are open weeks days from 9a-7p on week days (closed weekends for private parties. Check out their blog here.)It is a completely child safe indoor playground for all ages! You walk in and are greeted by this massive 3 story play tower complete with slides, punching bags, mazes, and more. They have this giant "jumpoline" in the very back that is a ground level giant trampoline you walk right on to. Kaylon couldn't quite get the hang of the the jumpoline. H would get pretty mad that he kept falling over. The favorite toy was a huge blow up slide. I had to be 15 ft tall. He would just launch his self from the top and smile all the way down. They also have a toddler only are complete with toys, life size building blocks, and a ball pit. The best part is it cost $10 for him for the entire day, AND all the toys are Mommy and Daddy approved. So, we were able to climb every where, slide and jump with him. Sooooooo much fun. We will definitely be going back! I totally see a birthday party at Wonderwild in our future! To see more pictures of our day click here.

Superbowl 2010

This year we were invited to my brothers apt to watch the game. We were excited to go and hang out with him. He had a great turn out. Tons of people there, of which we knew only a few, but non the less had a great time.

Uncle Luke was proud to show off his nephew to all his friends. He thought it was pretty hilarious to let Kaylon jump off the counters and and chairs (while he was there to catch of course.) I guess its acceptable behavior in a bachelor pad. To this day, you can growl at Kaylon and he will growl back. Thank you for that Uncle Luke.

I think the hubby and I were the only ones rooting for the Colts in the entire crowd. I'm not real sure what Ryan's reasoning was, but I was cutie patootie Payton's cheerleader. (Although, now I have to admit Daddy Drew and his son, melted my heart there at the end.)

All in all we had a ton of fun, and Kaylon was wore out from flirting with all the pretty girls, and showing off for everyone so he slept pretty late on Monday. Mission accomplished!

Baby Shower

Saturday Feb 7th we were showered with tons of little girl goodies, diapers, and lots of love. Ryan's brother Sean and our sister in law Melissa opened up their home to celebrate the expected arrival of our baby girl. Melissa truly out did herself (working part time and staying home with her children) managed to hand make the invitations, most of the decorations and food to feed everyone. It was a super adorable sugar and spice theme in pink, green, and brown (to match her nursery of course.)
I completely forgot to bring my camera, so I am waiting on my little sister to send me a copy of the ones she took. But, you can see a few on Sean and Melissa's Blog. I'll let you know when some more are available.

Thank you to everyone involved. We know she will be welcomed by lots of love. Melissa, thank you so much for everything. It was adorable. Ryan and I can't be more grateful.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Under Construction once again!

My Dad, the carpenter, came over this weekend and we started our process of transforming our guest bedroom into Kolbie's new room. We had recently purchased a new bed set for the guest bedroom which will be stored in Daddy's garage untill he finds something else to do with it. We had also barely finished painting the room just before we found out we were pregnant, which also has to be redone. So, this weekend everything was taken out and we started the process by hanging some super adorable Wayne's coting complete with a chair rail and crown moulding. Now we just have to paint (everything), install a ceiling fan, wait for her furniture to arrive so it can be put together, her bedding is on back order so we have been patiently awaiting its arrival. Then its on to the nick knacks, and all we will have to add is baby Kolbie...(which by the way the csection was once again REsecheduled back to March 19, 2010 @ 7:30am.)

Back to the subject: Unfortunately I did not take any before photo's of the room and I am definitely not posting construction photos, so stay tuned for the big reveal!