Monday, February 15, 2010

Wonderwild. What?

Since Daddy has been off work for a week, the weather has been ICKYYYYYY! My out door boys have been getting stir cr@zy. So last Wednesday we decided we were going to go somewhere or do something to get out of the house. After an hour of research on google, i gave uo and handed the job over to Daddy while I jumped in the shower. By the time i got out he had found the ideal place for us to try out. Wonderwild on North Shepard in the Heights was a find! They are open weeks days from 9a-7p on week days (closed weekends for private parties. Check out their blog here.)It is a completely child safe indoor playground for all ages! You walk in and are greeted by this massive 3 story play tower complete with slides, punching bags, mazes, and more. They have this giant "jumpoline" in the very back that is a ground level giant trampoline you walk right on to. Kaylon couldn't quite get the hang of the the jumpoline. H would get pretty mad that he kept falling over. The favorite toy was a huge blow up slide. I had to be 15 ft tall. He would just launch his self from the top and smile all the way down. They also have a toddler only are complete with toys, life size building blocks, and a ball pit. The best part is it cost $10 for him for the entire day, AND all the toys are Mommy and Daddy approved. So, we were able to climb every where, slide and jump with him. Sooooooo much fun. We will definitely be going back! I totally see a birthday party at Wonderwild in our future! To see more pictures of our day click here.


  1. what a fun place! I love it! Cannot wait to take the wee ones to places like that! What happen to that babies eye?

  2. His right eye he ran into the coffee table (again), his left he poked his eye lid with a fork. While were there be fell and busted his lip, but got right up and kept on going. Boys will be boys!