Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Very Merrry Christmas Indeed

We started off the season early with a visit to the Edenfield's out in Dayton. It was a big family gathering where nearly everyone was there. Everyone with the exception of Ryan (working of course) and the cousins that live out of town.

Me and My Dad

The following weekend we headed out to Nederland to visit with the Forey's. That is where I snapped this adorable shot of Kaylon (1 year old) playing blocks with MaMe Forey (101 years young.)

Kaylon & MaMe Forey

Ryan had to work Christmas Eve until noon. (Thankfully he was able to take off Christmas Day.) Our routine was the same as usual. We started off Christmas Eve by hanging out at Mema's house for a while where it was utter chaos with all the grand children opening their presents.

Kaylon & Mema

After a few bowls of her awesome chicken noodle soup, we headed to Pop and Noni's (Ryan's Dad and Step Mom.) It was really special this year because Kaylon is a little older and able to tear some of the paper of of his presents (he especially loves the tissue paper out of the bags) but also because it was cousin Brynlee and Chance's 1st Christmas.

Kaylon @ Pop & Noni's

After leaving Pop and Noni's we made a straight line for home, where GG, Uncle Luke, Aunt Meagan, and Aunt B where waiting for us. The Girls and Kaylon went straight to sleep while the rest of us waited up for Santa. Uncle Luke thought he would be of better assistance with a few drinks in his system. After helping himself to half a bottle of crown and Ryan to a few Vodka tonic's, GG and I were thoroughly impressed Kaylon's new 4 wheeler was put together properly.

We had a rule this year the Aunt B could not wake us up until 8am unless Kaylon woke us up 1st. To our surprise she handled that like the big girl she is and was pacing back and fourth when we woke up at 7:30am.

Our precious boy is such a sweet kid that Santa was super good to him this year. He got a pretty cool 4 wheeler that he absolutely loves and a 3 tent/tunnel system with ball for his play room. After presents GG and everyone left us to our day where Daddy and Kaylon took a nice long nap together and I picked up the house.

Kaylon with 4 wheeler

Kaylon in ball pit

That evening we spend with Grammy and Papa Ed, which we did but unfortunately Papa had a pretty bad fall on Christmas Eve morning so he was in the hospital. But we did get to spend some quality time with Grammy while waiting for Uncle Sean to get off of work and Aunt Mel, Brynlee, and Chance to arrive. (I don't have any pic's from the evening because I forgot my camera.)

Ryan went ahead and took off work Saturday as well so he could catch up on some rest (which didn't happen) and go see Papa in the hospital. Papa was very happy see to his Ryan and hated that Kaylon had to wait in the hallway. (Not sure why I assumed Kaylon would be able to see him.) But Ryan and I visited for a short while and played Papa a super special video I caught on my phone of Kaylon saying Papa over and over again. After leaving the hospital we spent the rest of Sat evening taking down Christmas decorations and putting together a pretty cool play room, that Daddy is so very proud of.

New play room

To sum it up would be silly not to say we are blessed. I hope you had Very Merry Christmas, too!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


14 months and my sweet boy is adding some words to his vocabulary. Of course his 1st word was "Da Da" despite my consistency with forcing " Ma Ma" into his brain. Of course my name ranks second in his speaking department. He will jibber jabber all day long mixed in with a few Da Da's here and there, but it's not until he wants something that he has to hold on to my leg, look up and me, and whine Ma Ma. Sometimes I swear when he's going to town with his jibber jabbering that he calls me Aimee ( I ALWAYS correct him and tell him, no I'm Mommy even if it is in my head) My Aunt KK swears she hears him say her name too. (I'm currently trying to teach him to say "I Love You Mommy" I know its a leap, but I'll let you know when we get there!...Sorry got side tracked)

Ok, 3rd I got a "Hi" from him a while back, or I guess I should clarify that it actually sounds more like "eye" but paired with a wave you get the picture. And just yesterday (was it yesterday or two day's ago? I'm not really sure, they all run together anymore) regardless...We drove back from Orange after having lunch with "Da Da" and stopped in Deer Park to pick up our Max and Lucy (that Grammy does us such a huge favor by watching them so frequently for us) I woke Kaylon up from the drive and asked him where we are as I always do hoping he will begin to recognise places we go. He was still waking up so I told him we are at Grammy and Papa's that we were there to get Max and Lucy. My precious baby looked up at me with his freshly waking up face and said "Pa Pa." It was more of a question than it was a statement. It caught me completely off guard. So of course I egged him on to repeat what he just said knowing Papa was standing at the door. I was hoping he would get to hear his name in that sweet voice. Kaylon did say it 2 more times "Pa Pa, Pa Pa" but of course my monkey doesn't perform on command so when he got to Papa he just wanted some loving. It didn't seem to matter to our 95 year old Papa whether he heard it or not, he was tickled to death that "his boy" called his name. It was pretty cute. We have been practicing since then and he'll say it now and then, but it always seems to be right before we can get to the door for Papa to hear. Oh well, soon enough I'm sure.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

The past few weeks have been pretty busy in the Forey household. I have a few drafts in my box that I haven't have time to finish, so bare with me as I try to summarize and get everything in goes:

A confusing but intriguing toy

(He loves putting stuff on his head all by himself...he was actually successful this time!)

Playing with Papa
(Grammy was out of town for a week and we got spend lots of time playing with Papa)

If your Happy and you know...
(clap your hands!)

Playing outside after a LOOOOONG ride
(Daddy has been working such long days, so we are making the journey back and fourth so he doesn't have to worry with the drive and can get a little extra sleep.)

Waiting for Daddy at the hotel

There he is!
I see Daddy now!

Daddy and Kaylon

Mommy and Kaylon

Hope it wasn't too much to take in! Like I said...busy, busy, busy!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Being Thankful

This was the very 1st year we had Thanksgiving dinner at our house. We were very happy that Daddy did not have to work this year. GG, Uncle Luke, Aunt Meagan & Aunt Brittanee, Grammy and Papa all came to visit and join in the feasting. We definitely cheated a little this year by purchasing our turkey and dressing from one of our favorite restaurants, but all the sides were homemade for sure thanks to everyones help. To end the evening, of course I had some black friday deals to catch, and I was VERY surprised that Ryan said he would go with me for the "experience." Man, oh, man...we pulled up to Toys R us seeing the line, we for sure thought half was for the Target next door, boy were we wrong! No way he was going for that line, so we went down the road to another Toys R Us store and I believe the line was longer than the last store. We are still debating that. Never the less, we parked and proceeded to stand in line outside in the cold for 3 hours. I do have to say the line was crazy but Toys R us had it together this year. We got everything on our list, checked out and in the car 30 min after we got in the door. Not bad! Enough time to make it to our local Wally World for some door busters. Got everything on our list and then some there too. I have to say I am so proud of my hubby for all the hard work he did for us standing in those long lines. He still doesn't think it was worth the money we saved but he said he would do it again next year because ( I quote) "it was good quality time with just the 2 of us." How sweet! Stinks for him, because he knows I'm going to hold him to it! All in all, one of the best Thanksgiving we have had.