Thursday, August 27, 2009

2nd day at school (aka Mothers Day out)

Mommy got him a new back pack that Grammy was getting his name embroidered on the first day of school. So he got to use it today. It was to heavy for my big boy to carry when it was filled with his diapers and lunch. He kept leaning forward to walk, and still fell down backwards. After falling down 3 times, he was done with it (hmmmm...who does that remind you of). So, Mommy will just have to carry it for now.
I dropped him off with no tears from either of us today. We are so big! I only stayed and watched thru the one way glass for 30 min today. He did catch me peeking thru the window as I left though, but once Ms. Danyel side tracked him with a fun toy he totally forgot about me again.
I am so proud of us. I know this is going to be so beneficial for us both. I get a mental and physical break and am able to get few things done during the day, and he gets to socialize with other little people that I am not sure he even knew existed until now.
I stopped at the store to pick up the items he has on his school supply list for the year. Just a few of the things include water colors and jumbo crayons. I can't wait to see what comes of these purchases. Daddy said he wondered which color he would eat first. We will see!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Be a Big Girl Mommy!

Today was first day of "school" (aka Mothers Day out) for my sweet baby. I got right up when the alarm sounded this morning. I never do that! I am a BIG time snoozer(thanks to Ryan). Kaylon woke right up too. He was in a happy mood (which has been rare the last few mornings) but he was all smiles. Ate breakfast, washed up, got dressed, took the dogs for a walk, and we were off. Had to do a quick turn around because I forgot his lunch bag. Not a good sign for the first day, huh? Anyway, got to the church and there was already one little boy dropped off and he was crying up a storm, poor little fella. Kaylon just looked at him for a while. I was thinking great, now Kaylons probably going to cry. Yeah, RIGHT! As all the little kids came, and their parents left, some cried...some didn't. I watched Kaylon thru the one way glass go up to each of the crying children and touch them ever so softly. He immediately played with the new toys. He even got a big truck and pushed it half way across the room. I didn't even know he knew how to do that! Finally, I went back into the room and asked him for a kiss bye. I got my loving, and then...yeah...he waved me bye bye. He was like "ok, can go now. I'm a big boy." I walked out of the room and it was all I could do to not SOB out loud. I tried to compose myself before anyone saw, but there was no fanning these tears away. I checked out up front a finished turning all my papers in. Before I left I thought I would go take a peek one more time. He was perfectly fine. His teacher, Mrs. Danyel, was playing with him. I really like her. She has 2 children of her own, and seemed very sweet. I honestly thought I was the one that would be ok, and he would lose it when I walked out the door. What do I know! So, the clock is ticking until I can go pick him up at 2:30. (Make no mistake...I will be at the glass peering in before that!) FYI...I am still crying. What is my deal?
To see more pictures click here.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kaylon's 1st Haircut

Our baby boy is growing up so fast. He didn't deal with it well. He has been grumpy britches all weekend because 2 new teeth are coming in. Which of course resulted in a choppy hair do. To see more pictures click here.

Friday, August 21, 2009

1st ob appointment (round 2)

We got to see our little tumbleweed moving all over the place today. It really made the whole thing sink in. Nothing like hearing the heartbeat of your thriving baby that is only 2 cm long. Kaylon didn't deal well with all the attention going to the ultrasound screen, luckily GG was there to entertain him. We loved our delivering physician so much last time that we decided to go with her again. Dr Boswell gave me some medication to deal with my nausea. She is not yet concerned with gestational diabetes, however she did say we would check for that earlier than normal. She seemed more concerned with my blood pressure, which was the deciding factor on an early delivery for our beautiful Kaylon. My blood pressure was fine today, but we will be monitoring very closely. Also, since we had a cesarean delivery to bring Kaylon into the world, along with my prior uterine surgery, we are going to go ahead with a c-section delivery again. For a normal healthy pregnancy she likes to schedule the c-section for 39 weeks which would put us at a delivery date around March 19th.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Nausea...blah! I came down with this SEVERE bladder infection and a little bit of the upper respiratory bug on Monday night. By Tuesday...i was DYING! No joke. I almost went to the emergency room. My fever got up to 103 degrees. Yuck. I couldn't make it to the Med Center to see my Ob, so I went to a walk in urgent care clinic. They swabbed for the flu ( negative...thank the lord) gave me some meds and sent me on my way. Thank goodness Meagan was able to drive us home, and Mema was able to stay and watch Kaylon so I could sleep ALL DAY on Wednesday. I am pretty much over it all now. I still have that nasty cough though. And I'm not sure if that fever just cleared the way for nausea to set in but Morning, Noon, and Nighttime sickness is kicking my butt. I have lost more weight this week being sick than I did last month counting my calorie intake. (Maybe its because this weeks calorie intake averages to ZERO calories a day!) What do you do. I lost 10 lbs during my 1st trimester of pregnancy with Kaylon all because he didn't like what I had to eat. Anyway...2 more weeks to go until 1st ob appt. Keep your fingers crossed I'm not hugging the toilet the whole time.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Trip to San Marcos

I am pretty sure this was Kaylons first trip outside the Houston area. I know for sure he hasn't ever been in the car for 3+ hours strait before. He did amazing. He slept half the way both to and from San Marcos, but I have to say he was a little fussy during our shopping trips. We go to see Jen ( My cuz) but can't help but get as much shopping in at the outlet malls as we can. We scored all kinds of good deals, ate great food, and caught up with an "old" friend (who I made the Kolton rags for) All in all...a great trip as always! Here is Kaylon in his first Hotel room. (He some how made it over to the Kleenex box and proceeded to pull them out one by one...Aunt KK said this was ok because she once heard it was "therapeutic" in some way...I don't have a pic of this because the shots were taken on Aunt Glenda's camera...mine was just out of reach.)