Friday, August 21, 2009

1st ob appointment (round 2)

We got to see our little tumbleweed moving all over the place today. It really made the whole thing sink in. Nothing like hearing the heartbeat of your thriving baby that is only 2 cm long. Kaylon didn't deal well with all the attention going to the ultrasound screen, luckily GG was there to entertain him. We loved our delivering physician so much last time that we decided to go with her again. Dr Boswell gave me some medication to deal with my nausea. She is not yet concerned with gestational diabetes, however she did say we would check for that earlier than normal. She seemed more concerned with my blood pressure, which was the deciding factor on an early delivery for our beautiful Kaylon. My blood pressure was fine today, but we will be monitoring very closely. Also, since we had a cesarean delivery to bring Kaylon into the world, along with my prior uterine surgery, we are going to go ahead with a c-section delivery again. For a normal healthy pregnancy she likes to schedule the c-section for 39 weeks which would put us at a delivery date around March 19th.


  1. Hey My Love, Thanks for letting me be part of that day....and of course playing with my little man was a bonus! It was awesome seeing how active she was....I love you, Mom

  2. I am so excited for you both. And when she gets here you are MORE than welcome to name her after me....