Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Be a Big Girl Mommy!

Today was first day of "school" (aka Mothers Day out) for my sweet baby. I got right up when the alarm sounded this morning. I never do that! I am a BIG time snoozer(thanks to Ryan). Kaylon woke right up too. He was in a happy mood (which has been rare the last few mornings) but he was all smiles. Ate breakfast, washed up, got dressed, took the dogs for a walk, and we were off. Had to do a quick turn around because I forgot his lunch bag. Not a good sign for the first day, huh? Anyway, got to the church and there was already one little boy dropped off and he was crying up a storm, poor little fella. Kaylon just looked at him for a while. I was thinking great, now Kaylons probably going to cry. Yeah, RIGHT! As all the little kids came, and their parents left, some cried...some didn't. I watched Kaylon thru the one way glass go up to each of the crying children and touch them ever so softly. He immediately played with the new toys. He even got a big truck and pushed it half way across the room. I didn't even know he knew how to do that! Finally, I went back into the room and asked him for a kiss bye. I got my loving, and then...yeah...he waved me bye bye. He was like "ok, mom...you can go now. I'm a big boy." I walked out of the room and it was all I could do to not SOB out loud. I tried to compose myself before anyone saw, but there was no fanning these tears away. I checked out up front a finished turning all my papers in. Before I left I thought I would go take a peek one more time. He was perfectly fine. His teacher, Mrs. Danyel, was playing with him. I really like her. She has 2 children of her own, and seemed very sweet. I honestly thought I was the one that would be ok, and he would lose it when I walked out the door. What do I know! So, the clock is ticking until I can go pick him up at 2:30. (Make no mistake...I will be at the glass peering in before that!) FYI...I am still crying. What is my deal?
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  1. My poor baby...this is tough on Mommy's. This is good for you both, especially when the new baby comes. This is where they learn their social skills.

    I love you honey,

  2. Buy a disposable camera to give the teachers. They will take pics during the day!

  3. I totally understand! It made me cry just to read it and think of leaving Jayce there! I'm sure it will get easier!

    Hey, we should go to the zoo next time I'm in town!

  4. Tell my baby Kaylon Mrs. Dsnyel said hello and i reaslly miss seeing his cute little face ...