Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1st annual Zoo Lights

I know I know...we are getting a jump on the Christmas festivities this year...but what can I say. I promise...they will learn about the pilgrims and the elves Indians real soon.

1st annual Zoo Lights! Yay! It was awesome!
Pop and Noni couldnt make it to Santa's Wonderland this year, but were super excited to join us at the Zoo.

A good part of the Zoo was closed off, I guess because they aren't equipped for a crowd in the dark, but there were more than enough lights and exhibits to see.

   Look at that face! Wonder what goes on in that brain of his? Probably contemplating which super power he can harness to get through that glass...(ok...i went a little over board there...hehe)
And look at her face....I can't remember what specifically warranted that excitement  but if I had to guess....probably a piece of gum.

More fun times spoiling these precious children God gave us.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Santa's Wonderland 2012

On a serious much do I love this place?
A lot.

Yes...We went to Santa's Wonderland....even BEFORE Thanksgiving this year. (and I wonder Feb 2013 Kolbie is still singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas")- shhh pay no attention to how far behind I am at updating this more rants...

 So...we decided to go a tad bit early this year. I couldn't help it. I was just so excited! The kids were too, and lets face it...they needed to incentive for acquiring a position of the nice list...
So, we grabbed GG and the Aunts and headed to Santa Town. None of them had ever been, boy were they in for a treat!

 I dont think I Webster will ever be able to define the feeling in my heart when I see the excitement these too get before they get to sit with the man himself. Aunt B and Aunt Meag couldn't stand it and had to sit on his knee for shot too, but...your welcome Aunt Meag for sparing you the embarrassment of that photograph ;)

 Seriously...could there have been more smiles? 

Totally worth being crammed in a acre or 2 of Christmas bliss with a zillion of your closest friends.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

long lost blog

I have let this thing get away from me, but I am working on updating the past year. Its really important for me to have this for my children to read one bare with me please. I am posting out of order so go back several pages to see what you might have missed! I love sharing our lives with you too!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

1st stop at the Ice Cream truck

I know...its a little ridiculous that my children are 2 and 4 and this is there first experience with the ice cream truck.  It totally brought back memories of me and the cousins running down the street with our dollar bills flying in the air, fresh from Big  Daddy's pocket after he tortured us by waiting til the last minute to give up the goods! Our little hearts racing thinking we may actually miss it this time. Poor kids, if we only knew...those truck would stop even for a dime! Oh the good old days. 
Now I realize, Ive just set myself up for the next time Pop goes the Weasel comes blaring around the corner.
Oh how I love to spoil these children!

 ( I can't really take all the credit...Daddy was all over his $$ before that truck even hit our street:)