Sunday, November 18, 2012

Santa's Wonderland 2012

On a serious much do I love this place?
A lot.

Yes...We went to Santa's Wonderland....even BEFORE Thanksgiving this year. (and I wonder Feb 2013 Kolbie is still singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas")- shhh pay no attention to how far behind I am at updating this more rants...

 So...we decided to go a tad bit early this year. I couldn't help it. I was just so excited! The kids were too, and lets face it...they needed to incentive for acquiring a position of the nice list...
So, we grabbed GG and the Aunts and headed to Santa Town. None of them had ever been, boy were they in for a treat!

 I dont think I Webster will ever be able to define the feeling in my heart when I see the excitement these too get before they get to sit with the man himself. Aunt B and Aunt Meag couldn't stand it and had to sit on his knee for shot too, but...your welcome Aunt Meag for sparing you the embarrassment of that photograph ;)

 Seriously...could there have been more smiles? 

Totally worth being crammed in a acre or 2 of Christmas bliss with a zillion of your closest friends.

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