Monday, March 29, 2010

Cutest, most sweetest thing ever!

Kaylon spent the night friday at Pop and Noni's house so Ryan and I could attend a very dear friends wedding (Congrats Tim and Whit!)
So, after the wedding we went to pick up Kaylon in LaMarque where he did the cutest, most amazing, sweetest thing ever! Of course he was slightly miss-behaving by running up the I told him to come down in my serious mommy voice...and thats when it happened. Half way up the stairs he turned and looked back at me and said "I yub you!" in the sweetest most innocent voice I had ever heard...and then proceeded to run up the stairs. Augh! Melt my heart! He said it to me for the very 1st time! At that point, it didn't matter what he was doing. He was getting away with it!( We have been practicing for a very long time now, and I knew he could say it because he said it for the first time ever to Aunt Meagan when we visited her in the hospital. Between all my hospital stays and slight jealousy I don't think I ever blogged about it...bad mommy.)

Just today I was loving on Kolbie giving her kisses all over and telling her how much I loved her, when Big brother approached and pulled a copy cat! Kiss kiss on the head, " I yub you, I yub you" in that sweet voice. I was so proud of him! He could tell, too. He gave me a high five.

A Forey Visit

Sean, Melissa, Brynlee, and Chance came over to hang out with us last night. Grammy made an appearance, too. Playtime, feedings, and meltdowns sums up the evening with the four Forey kiddo's. Here are a few pics from the evening. Hope you enjoy!

Peek A Boo from under Daddy's hat! proud of himself!

Ms. Brynlee and Grammy

Big Cousin Kaylon holding Chance and sharing his sweet!

Sweet girl Kolbie slept the whole time!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Mommy (of 2) Anxiety

Am I going to be able to do this all by myself?

- Ryan is back to work and we are trying to get life back to normal (as I keep saying in all my post) but I am very anxious about doing it all on my own during the day. How I will manage feedings for her while entertaining him. Changing her diapers and bath time, when he needs the same. What about outings? You know I can't stay cooped up in the house all day. What if we need to go to the park, or the grocery store? I guess I'll have to figure it out. Its been done before, right?

Day One by ourselves: Trip to the Doctors office.
It went well. It did take extra long to get everybody ready. Kaylon was changed and ready to go, then Kolbie, then Mommy, then Kaylon all over again. (Note to banana for breakfast after dressed for the day) We made it to the appointment 5 min late. Not to bad.(Note to self #2... on all future outings, Kolbie gets out of the car first. She can't run away.) Waiting room was fine, there were lots of toys for Kaylon to play with and Kolbie had time to eat and spit up (Note to self #3...double check diaper bag for extra outfit before leaving the house.)

2 week stats:
7lbs 8oz (+ 1lb 1oz since birth)
19 1/4 inches (+1 1/4 inches since birth)
alternate bottle 1 formula then 1 breast milk
2 week newborn screen
No shots until 2 month appointment

The Doctor was very pleased to see her doing so well.I did ask her about Kolbie's back because her spine protrudes quite a bit, but it checked out fine. I got the ok to start feeding her breast milk again beginning Wednesday. (The pumping and throwing away is getting very old.)

I have to say, just in the 1st outing by ourselves I have noticed how vulnerable a person can be. My whole life is in the car with me and having to turn my back on one to handle to the other is very stressful. The eye's in the back of my head must not have grown in yet. I guess they will come with experience.

Thanks to Daddy for making dinner!

Day 2 by ourselves: Kaylon back to Mothers Day out
- Yay! I got some things done around the house, not to mention a little sewing done too. (Desperately needed to make Kolbie some cute burp rags! Pics to come.) No nap though...hopefully I don't regret it later!
-Play time in the back yard, maybe a walk around the block when Daddy gets home. We'll see.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

A daily dose

One days dose of medication.

I was re-admitted to the hospital with 3 horrible and completely separate infections last week that hit me like a ton of bricks. I was fine on Wednesday, just a little icky feeling, then Thursday my temperature rose to 103.2. After being in the hospital over night, my temp rose to 104.2. The doctors adjusted my cocktail of antibiotics before I started to do better after 2 days in the hospital. 4 days in the hospital this time before they decided I can go home with IV antibiotics for 7 days. It was by far the worst sick I have ever been. Thankfully they let Kolbie stay in the hospital with me, under supervision of course. Daddy had to stay with us to take care of her then the last night GG took over so that Ryan could spend some time Kaylon. Poor Kaylon. He has been shipped all over creation for the last month. On the bight side, we are all home and doing well. I look forward to taking my IV line out Monday night, and all will be normal. Thank you to everyone for helping with Kaylon and all the well wishes.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And then there were four...

Our 1st Family of Four Photo

I have to say, knowing a date and time you are going to be welcoming a new addition is very nice. I had a knot in my stomach all day Thursday but it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. With Kaylon everything was so urgent and handled in a matter of fact kind of way. With Kolbie, the nurses took their time to explain each and every step of the process, Dr. Boswell even took a moment while I was all strapped down o the bed to ask me if I wanted to listen to classical or jazz music. (My answer was JAZZ of course, we were having a birthday party!)
The procedure went very well. At the last moment before she came out I felt her run up my chest as far as she could. When Dr. Boswell pulled her she was kicking and screaming. (Honestly a comforting sound, after not hearing Kaylon then having him whisked away before even seeing him.)
Daddy was able to hang out at her side while she was getting her testing done and cleaned up. The two of them were then able to come sit with me for the duration of the surgery. Afterwards, family and friends were able to come check us out in recovery. My stats were so well before and during the surgery that I was able to fore go the "Mag" (aka the devil drug). They were concerned at the beginning with our blood sugars. Because I couldn't eat 8 hours before the surgery my blood sugar was only 60. Hers generally would be 10-20% less than mine. She would have to have a blood sugar of 50 or more an hour after birth to keep her out of NICU. Thankfully her first reading was 57 and an hour later only went down to 53. So, that was the end of that worry. No need to be tested again.
In recovery is where Kaylon got to meet his baby sister for the first time. He wasn't too sure why everyone was there and why I was laying in bed. But, he did take to her very well. He wanted to touch her and love on her like a sweet boy.

Everything was truly beautiful.

Daddy and Big Brother loving on Baby Sister

Going home...Kaylon was very confused why she was coming too!

SIDE BAR: 1st night home...and Kaylon needs to express his breast milk!

To see pictures of the big day click here. Disclaimer: I included the gory ones for organizational purposes.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Papparazzi sighting.....

Kolbie Michelle Forey

Ryan and Aimee welcomed their sweet little girl into the world today at 5:08pm. She weighs 6lbs. 7oz and is 18 inches long. She has dark hair..lots of it..Mommy's face and Daddy's nose!

She is GORGEOUS and perfect in everyway! Mom and baby are doing great and should be home sometime on Sunday or Monday!

Big brother Kaylon is a little unsure of exactly why the family was gathered together again in one place, but I'm sure will be so excited when he realizes....that's my baby sister!!! Aimee will soon post full details of their sweet baby girl's arrival! Join me in wishing the Foreys congratulations on their new addition!

Posted By Aunt Mel

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To My Angel Baby Boy

I am holding you right now why you sleep thinking "this is the last time its going to be just you and me." Funny thing is, you don't even know it. We are going to bring this new baby home and your whole world is going to change. Its been me and you Bud, 24 hours a day for 17 months now and my most troublesome thought is knowing I am going to have to learn to share our time together. I know it will take some adjusting from the both of us to make room for a baby sister, but you will grow up to be the best big brother a girl could ask for and I can't wait to watch it happen. Now, Mommy is not nieve. I know there are day's you will want to send her back where she came from, but just like you, she is here to stay. Your Daddy and I love you more than life and I need you to know that wont change. Mema has always said a baby is born with love, and it sure is a good thing it was designed that way, because if I didn't know better I wouldn't be sure I had the room to spare.
It has been quite an experience to think one day there is no way I could love you more, and the next day comes and I have the same thought again, over and over. It just grows every day. The best part is its the one thing you wont have to share. I can love you both so much and never run out for either of you. I promise you that.

Now, sleep good tonight. We all need the rest before our lives change forever.

Love, Mommy

To My Precious Baby Girl

It is so strange to sit here knowing that by this time tomorrow I will be holding you in my arms. You have already brought so much joy and love into our lives, that the thought of actually having you here still seems like a dream. Oh, but make no mistake, Mommy is very nervous. Anxious, too. Nervous about being a Mommy again and having two precious angels depending on me. Anxious to get our new life started. A pool of emotions are inside me that I'm sure are going to flood out when I finally meet you. (Poor Daddy.) Just know they are happy ones.

Daddy is very excited to meet you too. Secretly, I think he's just as nervous as me. Having a baby girl is a lot of pressure on Daddy's. He's up to it though. Your little string already tugs on his heart. I've already started negotiations with him on how long you have to wait to date. Good thing I have some time to wear him down.

We already love you so much, it will be a wonder if we dont drive you crazy with kisses and hugs by the time we get you home.

You have a big brother waiting here to meet you, too. I promise I wont let him be too tough on you. He has been practicing on being extra sweet. Its a work in progress.

Be a good girl for Mommy and Daddy and make it here tomorrow as happy and healthy as we know you will be. We have all this love to give and a whole new journey to start, we are just waiting on you. See you tomorrow.

Love, Mommy

Edward J. Britt- Our Papa

As most of you know by now our beloved Papa Ed passed away last Sunday night. After his big fall on Christmas Eve where he broke his hip and his collar bone, we sure had high hopes our 95 year old Papa would pull through all the hardships associated with the trauma. He somehow managed to catch a stomach bug a few weeks back that prevented him from holding any food down, and after that he was just to afraid to eat. We knew once he had made that decision it was only a matter of time. Our Papa though, he was sane as he could be, telling us exactly what we wanted hear every visit about eating his lunch and drinking his ensure. He even told Sean and Melissa a few days before he passed that they got him up to walk that day. Of course we all knew better, but how sweet he was to try and keep us from worrying.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend to services this weekend because I will be in the hospital recovering from delivering our precious baby girl on Thursday. Thankfully Ryan will be able to attend.

Papa we love you so much, and already miss you dearly. Give Granny a hug for us and make sure to kiss Kolbie good luck before she makes her journey.