Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And then there were four...

Our 1st Family of Four Photo

I have to say, knowing a date and time you are going to be welcoming a new addition is very nice. I had a knot in my stomach all day Thursday but it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. With Kaylon everything was so urgent and handled in a matter of fact kind of way. With Kolbie, the nurses took their time to explain each and every step of the process, Dr. Boswell even took a moment while I was all strapped down o the bed to ask me if I wanted to listen to classical or jazz music. (My answer was JAZZ of course, we were having a birthday party!)
The procedure went very well. At the last moment before she came out I felt her run up my chest as far as she could. When Dr. Boswell pulled her she was kicking and screaming. (Honestly a comforting sound, after not hearing Kaylon then having him whisked away before even seeing him.)
Daddy was able to hang out at her side while she was getting her testing done and cleaned up. The two of them were then able to come sit with me for the duration of the surgery. Afterwards, family and friends were able to come check us out in recovery. My stats were so well before and during the surgery that I was able to fore go the "Mag" (aka the devil drug). They were concerned at the beginning with our blood sugars. Because I couldn't eat 8 hours before the surgery my blood sugar was only 60. Hers generally would be 10-20% less than mine. She would have to have a blood sugar of 50 or more an hour after birth to keep her out of NICU. Thankfully her first reading was 57 and an hour later only went down to 53. So, that was the end of that worry. No need to be tested again.
In recovery is where Kaylon got to meet his baby sister for the first time. He wasn't too sure why everyone was there and why I was laying in bed. But, he did take to her very well. He wanted to touch her and love on her like a sweet boy.

Everything was truly beautiful.

Daddy and Big Brother loving on Baby Sister

Going home...Kaylon was very confused why she was coming too!

SIDE BAR: 1st night home...and Kaylon needs to express his breast milk!

To see pictures of the big day click here. Disclaimer: I included the gory ones for organizational purposes.



  1. Aimee, she is precious. I love the pictures. I can't wait to come a meet the latest edition. Congrats again!

  2. I amcracking up at Kaylon. Monkey see Monkey do! Too funny! Love that boy!