Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To My Precious Baby Girl

It is so strange to sit here knowing that by this time tomorrow I will be holding you in my arms. You have already brought so much joy and love into our lives, that the thought of actually having you here still seems like a dream. Oh, but make no mistake, Mommy is very nervous. Anxious, too. Nervous about being a Mommy again and having two precious angels depending on me. Anxious to get our new life started. A pool of emotions are inside me that I'm sure are going to flood out when I finally meet you. (Poor Daddy.) Just know they are happy ones.

Daddy is very excited to meet you too. Secretly, I think he's just as nervous as me. Having a baby girl is a lot of pressure on Daddy's. He's up to it though. Your little string already tugs on his heart. I've already started negotiations with him on how long you have to wait to date. Good thing I have some time to wear him down.

We already love you so much, it will be a wonder if we dont drive you crazy with kisses and hugs by the time we get you home.

You have a big brother waiting here to meet you, too. I promise I wont let him be too tough on you. He has been practicing on being extra sweet. Its a work in progress.

Be a good girl for Mommy and Daddy and make it here tomorrow as happy and healthy as we know you will be. We have all this love to give and a whole new journey to start, we are just waiting on you. See you tomorrow.

Love, Mommy

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  1. Sweet baby Kolbie,

    What a lucky little girl you are. In the next few days you are going to meet so many people that love you already.
    Your Mommy and Daddy, they are special people, have more love in their little fingers then most people have in a lifetime. They are so nervous and happy and ecxited about having you finally being here with them and your big brother Kaylon.
    He, well I'm sure that he will make your life hard but totally worth having around. He will be your best friend and your worst enemy all in the same day in most cases.
    Do me a favor. Make sure you take it easy on them all, I don't think they know what to expect with having a little girl in the house so it will take them some time to adjust.
    Daddy will always be more protective over you since you are Daddy's little girl and Mommy, well she will be the one person in the world that will always be on your side, even when you think that maybe she is working againt you.
    We all love you so much and can't wait to meet you.

    Love you already,
    Cousin Hollie