Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Edward J. Britt- Our Papa

As most of you know by now our beloved Papa Ed passed away last Sunday night. After his big fall on Christmas Eve where he broke his hip and his collar bone, we sure had high hopes our 95 year old Papa would pull through all the hardships associated with the trauma. He somehow managed to catch a stomach bug a few weeks back that prevented him from holding any food down, and after that he was just to afraid to eat. We knew once he had made that decision it was only a matter of time. Our Papa though, he was sane as he could be, telling us exactly what we wanted hear every visit about eating his lunch and drinking his ensure. He even told Sean and Melissa a few days before he passed that they got him up to walk that day. Of course we all knew better, but how sweet he was to try and keep us from worrying.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend to services this weekend because I will be in the hospital recovering from delivering our precious baby girl on Thursday. Thankfully Ryan will be able to attend.

Papa we love you so much, and already miss you dearly. Give Granny a hug for us and make sure to kiss Kolbie good luck before she makes her journey.

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