Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Mommy (of 2) Anxiety

Am I going to be able to do this all by myself?

- Ryan is back to work and we are trying to get life back to normal (as I keep saying in all my post) but I am very anxious about doing it all on my own during the day. How I will manage feedings for her while entertaining him. Changing her diapers and bath time, when he needs the same. What about outings? You know I can't stay cooped up in the house all day. What if we need to go to the park, or the grocery store? I guess I'll have to figure it out. Its been done before, right?

Day One by ourselves: Trip to the Doctors office.
It went well. It did take extra long to get everybody ready. Kaylon was changed and ready to go, then Kolbie, then Mommy, then Kaylon all over again. (Note to self...no banana for breakfast after dressed for the day) We made it to the appointment 5 min late. Not to bad.(Note to self #2... on all future outings, Kolbie gets out of the car first. She can't run away.) Waiting room was fine, there were lots of toys for Kaylon to play with and Kolbie had time to eat and spit up (Note to self #3...double check diaper bag for extra outfit before leaving the house.)

2 week stats:
7lbs 8oz (+ 1lb 1oz since birth)
19 1/4 inches (+1 1/4 inches since birth)
alternate bottle 1 formula then 1 breast milk
2 week newborn screen
No shots until 2 month appointment

The Doctor was very pleased to see her doing so well.I did ask her about Kolbie's back because her spine protrudes quite a bit, but it checked out fine. I got the ok to start feeding her breast milk again beginning Wednesday. (The pumping and throwing away is getting very old.)

I have to say, just in the 1st outing by ourselves I have noticed how vulnerable a person can be. My whole life is in the car with me and having to turn my back on one to handle to the other is very stressful. The eye's in the back of my head must not have grown in yet. I guess they will come with experience.

Thanks to Daddy for making dinner!

Day 2 by ourselves: Kaylon back to Mothers Day out
- Yay! I got some things done around the house, not to mention a little sewing done too. (Desperately needed to make Kolbie some cute burp rags! Pics to come.) No nap though...hopefully I don't regret it later!
-Play time in the back yard, maybe a walk around the block when Daddy gets home. We'll see.



  1. Don't feel sorry for ya sister...your SIL does this EVERYDAY of her life..it can be done. Sounds to me like you are getting the hang of it quickly! YEAH!!! Nice to have the MOD break and get some things done while she is sleeping. Cannot wait to see the new burp clothes!!! Kiss K&K for me!

  2. IT CAN BE DONE AND YOU CAN DO IT!!! Just remember be patient with the kids and yourself and allow time for adjusting. Everything will fit like a glove before you know it!!

  3. Hey there. Got to meet your adorable son at the Forey party, and was sad to have missed you. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! I pray you are feeling better these days as I heard you were very ill! Hoping all is well.