Friday, January 28, 2011

Zoo Day

Ryan was off work for a few days, so we decided on a whim to go to the Zoo. It was such a beautiful day, we could not have asked for more perfect weather. The usual happening at the zoo is Daddy holds one kid, while I hold another and we switch off pushing an empty we decided we would purchase our first wagon on the way to the Zoo and give that a try.
Wagon 101: Do not attempt to assemble in store parking lot!
2: Dont bring Me to pick out the new wagon, because I am going to pick the fancy dancy one with all the bells and whistles which in translation means a million plus one parts!
3: Bring a hammer! Yes! A hammer to assemble a wagon! Who knew!

After the 2 hour shopping and assembly wagon delay we made our way to the Zoo. Last trip we didn't get a chance to ride the train, so we started with that this time.

Daddy and the little conductor!

The Forey Four

Her magesty has her Daddy's handicap of blinking and the wrong time!
Kaylon was super fascinated by all the animals this time around.

Turns out the wagon was a great idea! Kaylon loved using his muscles to pull his sister around the park. When he got tired he would climb in and kick back. Kolbie loved not being restrained. She had free roam of the wagon. Then when it was time to fuss, the wagon was perfect time out spot too!

The weather was so perfect and everybody behaved so well, we decided we would stop and have some ice cream on the way out. wasn't our idea, but after Kaylon saw people walking around with their ice cream, he needed some too!

They are definatley Forey children when it comes to the ice cream. They can never get enough!
Fun times at the Zoo. Every time we go I am so impressed with the change from when I was little. No more brown dry nastyness that I was used to. Now it is green shady beautiful, and well kept! Slap hands to the Zoo keepers!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Playing in the Jumphouse


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A mess for Mommy!

Kaylon decided he wanted to get something to eat and quickly got distracted by the large bag of flour Daddy left on the shelf right in his reach!!

Kolbie decided she would get in on the action, too!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Iron Man & 10 months Old

Iron ManIs that not crazy? From the very 1st time he watched Iron Man 2...he was out of control! Luckily I found on Netflix Iron Man (1) and he asked to watch it a couple time a week. Daddy bought the mask on a random trip to Wal- Mart and that was all she wrote. My sweet boy transforms into Iron Man on a whim. For Christmas he received all the Iron Man accessories he could have needed to complete the ensemble (thanks to GG, Uncle Sean and Aunt Mel)! Now he asks to watch Iron Man 2 1st thing EVERY morning. He can't leave it behind either..when we load up in the car, its a fight to get him to pick just one toy to take! Watch out when you ring our door!

10Months old!

My sweet angel baby girl is quickly growing he horns! She has acquired an "I'm gonna get what I want or throw something" attitude! Daddy doesn't believes me when I tell him, so I will have to try and capture it on video. His fatherly reasoning wonders how her little hands can pick stuff up. Its too funny when she does it because she gets so mad, and all I can do is laugh at her! I'm going to have a mess on my hands one day, but right now its adorable!
An new thing this last month is she LOVES to help Mommy do the dishes. I'll wash them and load them in the dishwasher, and she will diligently work at rearranging them! She never really liked baby food and has decided that what Mommy, Daddy, and Kaylon are eating is much better and has little birdie moments of needing us to share out meal. Her favorite thing to eat right now are GoldFish. Kaylon does and awesome job at sharing them. He loves to show me how good he is at being a big brother.

1st birthday party plans are in full swing...the countdown has begun! T- 58 day's to go!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Edenfield Wedding 12/31/10

My brother and new sister in law Jennifer threw a heck of a party on New Years where everyone was there to celebrate the joyous occasion of their wedding! It was absolutely beautiful!
Kaylon was awesome all day long. He behaved (for the most part) during the photo session before the wedding,
but by the time 8pm rolled around he was laying his head on his ring bearer pillow while we were waiting to walk down the isle.

When it was our turn, 1st he decided to run the other way. Then when we got him back in line he decide o ride his imaginary horse down the isle. There was no standing up front with the boys this time. He was immediately into Mommy and Daddy's lap.

He didn't make it long enough to participate in the after ceremony pictures.

I have to throw this picture in because it was so much fun. They had a photo booth with props set up in the corner which everyone throughly enjoyed!

Mommy and Daddy celebrating the New Year. This is a rare occassion because at least the last 2 years (if not more) we have been in bed by midnight! (I know, we are old folks!)

I just have to say that I am so happy for my brother to have found the one that was made for him and we are so glad to have Jennifer join our family! Love you both!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wedding rehearsal

I am SO mad at myself for this! I just start shooting with the camera before I check the settings, and it makes wonderful moments like these turn out unusable. Ugh! I have got to stop that!

We arrived o rehearsal early so we decided to play around and take some pictures while we were waiting for the rehearsal to being. My little cowboy will not take his boots off! Thankful Jennifer said he can wear hem with his tux. I have to give in on something.

Kolbie looking as cute as she can be! She won't be at the wedding, so we dressed her up and let her strut her stuff at the rehearsal.

The rehearsal actually went very smoothly. My little ring bearer did awesome! He stood up there with his Uncle Luke and waited patiently while stretching his lips and playing with his belly button! What ever it takes! (I'm going to stuff the best man's pocket with skittles and gummy bears for a nice bribe during the wedding!)