Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Edenfield Wedding 12/31/10

My brother and new sister in law Jennifer threw a heck of a party on New Years where everyone was there to celebrate the joyous occasion of their wedding! It was absolutely beautiful!
Kaylon was awesome all day long. He behaved (for the most part) during the photo session before the wedding,
but by the time 8pm rolled around he was laying his head on his ring bearer pillow while we were waiting to walk down the isle.

When it was our turn, 1st he decided to run the other way. Then when we got him back in line he decide o ride his imaginary horse down the isle. There was no standing up front with the boys this time. He was immediately into Mommy and Daddy's lap.

He didn't make it long enough to participate in the after ceremony pictures.

I have to throw this picture in because it was so much fun. They had a photo booth with props set up in the corner which everyone throughly enjoyed!

Mommy and Daddy celebrating the New Year. This is a rare occassion because at least the last 2 years (if not more) we have been in bed by midnight! (I know, we are old folks!)

I just have to say that I am so happy for my brother to have found the one that was made for him and we are so glad to have Jennifer join our family! Love you both!


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