Friday, January 28, 2011

Zoo Day

Ryan was off work for a few days, so we decided on a whim to go to the Zoo. It was such a beautiful day, we could not have asked for more perfect weather. The usual happening at the zoo is Daddy holds one kid, while I hold another and we switch off pushing an empty we decided we would purchase our first wagon on the way to the Zoo and give that a try.
Wagon 101: Do not attempt to assemble in store parking lot!
2: Dont bring Me to pick out the new wagon, because I am going to pick the fancy dancy one with all the bells and whistles which in translation means a million plus one parts!
3: Bring a hammer! Yes! A hammer to assemble a wagon! Who knew!

After the 2 hour shopping and assembly wagon delay we made our way to the Zoo. Last trip we didn't get a chance to ride the train, so we started with that this time.

Daddy and the little conductor!

The Forey Four

Her magesty has her Daddy's handicap of blinking and the wrong time!
Kaylon was super fascinated by all the animals this time around.

Turns out the wagon was a great idea! Kaylon loved using his muscles to pull his sister around the park. When he got tired he would climb in and kick back. Kolbie loved not being restrained. She had free roam of the wagon. Then when it was time to fuss, the wagon was perfect time out spot too!

The weather was so perfect and everybody behaved so well, we decided we would stop and have some ice cream on the way out. wasn't our idea, but after Kaylon saw people walking around with their ice cream, he needed some too!

They are definatley Forey children when it comes to the ice cream. They can never get enough!
Fun times at the Zoo. Every time we go I am so impressed with the change from when I was little. No more brown dry nastyness that I was used to. Now it is green shady beautiful, and well kept! Slap hands to the Zoo keepers!


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