Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kolbie's 1st Day at MDO

It was nothing like Kaylon's 1st day...I was ready for a break from her royal highness! I had anxiety because there has been a lot of flip flop with the teachers at school, but they re-assured me Mrs. Ashley would be in her room.
I had been telling Kaylon for a few day's that Kolbie was going to be going to school with him, but he was still confused about it when it was time to drop them off. Their classrooms are connected by a 1/2 door so they can peek in on each other whenever. After we were there for a few minutes I handed her off to Mrs. Ashley and that was it.

I hung around for a little while peeking in the glass just to see what was going on, but she was focused on playing with all the new toys.
The 6 hours flew by WAY to fast! When I went to pick them up she was standing up sharing a toy with little Elaina (the only other kid in her class!!ha) I called to her and of course she smiled at me and started to crawl over....then she changed her mind and went back to they toy! She did this twice before I had to go pick her up!
Mrs. Ashley gave her a good report card saying she did wonderful. There are so few kids in both class 1 and class2 hat they combine them both for lunch and nap time. The teacher said Kolbie wanted to share all of Kaylon's food and at nap time she kept wanting to crawl over to her brother and cuddle with him. (Sweetest thing ever!) But Mrs. Ashley eventually moved her back into the other classroom and put her in the pack-n-play so they both could get some rest.
To sum it up I think all 3 of us are very excited about school days!


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