Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kolbie's Birthday Countdown

7 days and counting! My angel baby girl will be ONE year old! You can't go anywhere in this house with out running into something pink and orange! Its everywhere in preparation for her birthday bash! I had decided for this party I was going to attempt to make everything myself, from the party invitations to ALL the decorations, banners, party hats, cup cake display, just everything! Domestic Diva huh? Ha...not really, just trying my best to save some money and still spoil her until she stinks! (Pretty sure that mission is already accomplished, but it is still fun!) Stay tuned for plenty of pictures of this party princess in the next few weeks to come. We have her and big brither a portrait session scheduled next Wednesday! (they are rare anymore, so I am very excited!)

Side bar...I decided to have LASIK surgery on my eyes yesterday, and I am siting here at the computer with no glasses on for the first time since I was 13 years old. The thought brings tears to my eyes that I can actually see! No make up for this Mama for a WEEK! Planned it just perfect for the party day! (Small price to pay for a life free of glasses and contacts!)


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