Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Perfect Angel's or Little Devils?

My days are filled with a little of both!

At 11 months old her majesty has a PHD in playing on your heart strings with her shy bashful sweetness. She giggles and laughs all day long. Her motor boating skills are a true art form. She is a professional at batting her eyes and can smile from ear to ear. . .That is of course, when she's NOT busy hitting and scratching and biting! She can pitch a fit with the best of them from grunting and crossing her arms to trying so hard to cry she holds her breath. A little over dramatic I might add. The craziest thing is that she will be loving on her brother...patting and rubbing his head so sweetly then out of nowhere she will scream and pull the heck out of his hair! Crazy randomness! That's pure proof she is wearing her wings and halo simultaneously with her horns and pitchfork! oh, and She knows exactly what you are saying to her and you can watch her wheels turn as she decides to shake her head "no."

My son is 2, and so I'm not sure if he is supposed to get a pass on his crazy behavior or not. It is the most precious sound I have ever heard when he gets in my lap, cocks his head side ways, and say's "I love you too Mommy."
He loves to sing and dance. I don' know what he is singing half the time, but I'm getting pretty good at figuring it out. It is the sweetest thing when he comes to tell me sissy is crying, and when he wants to "help Daddy fix." There is no shortage of toy "sewdives" and "hanners" around the house when he decides something needs to be worked on. It is utterly adorable when he hollers from the other side of the house "I made a mess!" and it takes me a split second to decide if I should come running with the broom or the 409.
Make no mistake, his halo hides his horns too. I swear his ears have fallen off because he doesn't listen to a single word I say. His Daddy and I both ask him why he gets what he wants when he says please but we can say it over and over again and get nothing. Just recently he has decided to answer with "No thank you" which on one hand I should be happy he is using his manners , but when it follows " Can you pick up your toys, please" it gets a little frustrating.
The words "No" and "I want" should never have been invented. And throwing things has literally gone out of control. Not a day goes by where he is not in time out. Usually its more like 2 or 3 times a day. Lets just say so much, that now I just tell him to go sit in time out and he will.


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