Sunday, July 25, 2010

Matagorda Beach

For my sister Meagan's 18th Birthday we spent the weekend at my Aunt and Uncle's beach house in Matagorda. It was the 1st time I had been there, and let me tell you...I am in a hurry to get back! It was gorgeous. There was a lot of relaxing going on and I only got the camera out during our afternoon at the beach. GG and Uncle Luke got some quality time in with the kiddo's and we were so glad Daddy was able to come at the last minute.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Vacation

Ahhh, a vacation. Just the two of us. No kiddo's hollering "MaMa," bottle feedings, or diaper changes for 3 whole days!

Ryan decided it was time for a break especially since we haven't had a substantial amount of time to ourselves since Kaylon was born (almost 2 years ago, sniff sniff!)

So, we spent some time in Fredericksburg Hill Country. We visited a few winery's and got some shopping done. But most off all we just relaxed. He found this great pioneer home 13 miles from civilization for us to stay.
It was a rock house. The outside wall were also the inside walls. It was neat.
It also had an amazing outdoor fire pit, where we spent most of our time. Hanging out by the fire drinking our bottle(s) of wine, reminiscing about anything. Everything.

No Mosquitoes. That was worth it all by itself! BUT there is this creature called a Scorpion that you may have heard of. Apparently it is pretty common to the area. I thought they came dead in little glass boxes shipped over from Africa or somewhere. Somewhere I would never be. That is until one came scurrying out of the fire pit making a straight line in my direction as fast has he could. Of course, my husband says he'll get it if it goes in the house. Meanwhile I'm in fear for MY LIFE when it is inches from my foot. Only because I was hooping and hollering did he rescue me, laughing to say the least. Give me a break. Not 10 minutes before I was complaining about a cricket being in the kitchen. To say the least, me feet were in the chair with me the rest of the evening and I couldn't get rid of the wibby jibby's until we finally went inside. Ugh! I am NOT an outdoor girl, despite all the forced camping trips when I was young! It was peaceful though.

Anyway, we are totally open to trying new things (especially Ryan) so our last night we decided to wine an dine ourselves at this fancy place called Cabernet Grill where I got this awesome Eggplant Pirogue stuffed with a fondue of Asiago cheese, Blue crab, and shrimp. Mmmm. Ryan had some Antelope medallions (Yes....ANTELOPE) and bacon wrapped Quail stuffed with this decadent concoction of goodness, covered in some kind of fermented grape sauce. Wonderful!

Then on the way home, we decided to stop and take a look around ole Brenham, TX. Home of the Blinn Buccaneer's. Where Ryan and I first met. Everything has grown and changed so much. It was erie. It made me feel old. I have 2 kids for crying out loud! Who would have thought 2 18 year old college freshmen would have found their soul mates amongst a fuzzy cloud of drunkenness nearly 10 Years ago!

I love you babe, and lets NOT wait 2+ years to do it again.

This weekend was the first time Kaylon and Kolbie have been separated since she came home from the hospital (the 2nd time). They both did very well. Kolbie, well, her world still revolves totally around herself. It didn't even seem like she missed me at all. That's okay my precious angel. But Kaylon is bigger now, and he realizes when we are gone. He was fine while we were away, but Noni did say he kept talking about "my sissy." When we go there to pick him up, there was no letting his mommy go. He hung himself around my neck for a few good 10 min or so. He didn't even go hug Daddy at 1st. Then after he came around and realized we weren't leaving him, he started to show off his sissy, and being all crazy excited. We missed them both so much.
Thanks to all the Gramp's and Gran's that made it happen!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Noodle Soup

I decided we were going to have a sensory play day. After spending nearly 3 hours boiling and dying 36 pounds of spaghetti noodles (ridiculous, I know) we invited some neighborhood friends over and had a play date.

Kolbie immediately tried to start eating it. The noodles were still pretty chilly from being in the fridge over night. I think she liked it.

An attempt at a group shot...Grady in the khaki, Sterling in denim, Kaylon, and Mackinzie.

Cooling off with some yummy watermelon.

The jello quickly melted into an ooey goey mess. And of course, everything anymore is a "hat!"

Then back into the noodles.

I had the noodles all set up in the baby pool, and filled up the bigger pool with water, the sprinkler was on, and as always the slide was out. Apparently it was super fun carrying the noodles from one pool to the other. Once that job was finished, it was time to put them on each other. That was so much fun, they all started to just put the noodles on themselves. It was lots of summer fun in the HOT sun!
Lets not even talk about the clean up!
You can see more of the fun by visiting the twins blog Raising Superheroes.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Childrens Museum Houston and the Houston Texans

So we have had some pretty icky weather lately. 100% chance of rain nearly every day for a week. Since we had such a good time at the Children's Museum in Lake Charles and we were home, I though it would be fun to get some indoor playtime at the Children's Museum in Houston. Apparently so did the rest of Houston AND its surrounding area's. IT WAS PACKED! Ridiculously packed. Kaylon didn't know where to look, much less where to go and what to play with.

When we 1st arrived, my eye's started scanning everything for the 1st thing to do. I haven't been since my sisters were little. Funny enough, amongst all the chaos of children playing everywhere I saw a little news station camera and 2 Houston Texans jerseys. I was curious but no one else around seemed to be, so I walked over as they were finishing up (whatever they were doing) and this guy asked me if I wanted a picture. Of course we do! So we jumped in front of the camera (some other random little boy followed...I guess they thought we were together...) They told me I only had 30 seconds, so I tossed my poor son in to this strange man's hands to get a picture of him. Kaylon didn't know what to do. I rattled off a couple of shots, before we started to get shooed away. Number 11 was so nice, he turned Kaylon around and tried to comfort him. Bounced him up and down trying to play with him, and told him that he had a son about his age. Naturally, he was just being shy and bashful the entire time, so this is how the shot turned out...

You know I had no idea who they were besides knowing their names thanks to the limited information that was on their backs.

#11 Andre Davis, Wide Receiver

#1 Matt Turk, Punter

It was funny because Mema kept telling me she thought "the white one" was the quarter back. "I think he is, I think he is" she told me. Come on Mema, give me some credit. I'd know David Carr if I saw him.

(Side bar: I know my husband is shaking his head in shame because I said David Carr was the quarterback. I did that on purpose babe, just trying to make a funny!. I know its Matt Schaub. And not because I just looked at the roster...)

So after that rush, we were off to play...hopefully. I brought, Meagan & Britt, Mema, & Mackinzie along for the journey, and no one could seem to find something for all of us to off to the TotSpot we went. Still crowded, but manageable.

Kaylon pouring tea for everyone in the cottage....

Kolbie just got to hang out and look adorable with her Aunt Meagan the whole time. Well, not the whole time...Mema stole her away a few times.

When we decided we had enough (only an hour after we arrived,) we were headed for the door and ran into the new addition Kidtropolis, where he could go grocery shopping and other fun stuff. He found the bike store, and a "hat" which he loved. So of course we had to put him on an bike...

He wore that durn hat everywhere. I'm surprised we didn't get into any trouble for it, because I am pretty sure it was a prop helmet that had gotten loose, since all the other one's were zip tied to the display. Eah...what do you do?
So, All the commotion was wearing on everyone. This is the last picture of my sweet boy, before I decided enough was enough.

To sum it up...we will NOT be going back to the Children's Museum of Houston in the near future. And when we do will be on a beautiful sunny day, in the middle of a school day!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Port Neches Park

Playing at the super cool park in Port Neches on Saturday (before the 4th) waiting for Daddy to get off of work.. It looks like a big wooden castle. Kaylon loves playing on the wiggle bridges.

Kolbie is a lot like her Mama...she is not a happy camper when she is forced to sweat!

There is a cute little splash park right next to the castle where we let Kaylon cool off. Of course he slipped and fell immediatley, so mommy got to cool off too!


Monday, July 5, 2010

4 months old & The 4th of July

I can't believe she is already 4 months old. Kolbie has turned into our smiley girl, just like her brother was at this age. She smiles from sun up until sundown. I only hear a fuss out of her when she wants a bottle or needs to be held. She thinks she is a big girl already. She has gotten much better with car rides just in the last week (knock on wood) hopefully that was just a newborn phase she was going through, but now when we put her in the car she will sit up and poke her head around to check things out. See what I mean about thinking she is a big girl. She likes to stand up a lot too (again like Kaylon at this age.) One thing that is new for me that I was spoiled because Kaylon never did is spit up. This girl can get it up, projectile style. We have been having issues with her formula and just last week at her check up the doctor decided we should just stick with standard blue Similac and add a few tablespoons of rice cereal to it, to add some starch to her diet. Hopefully that works, because I can not keep packing extra clothes for the whole family everywhere we go. And, I an NOT going to smell like throw up.

Speaking of doctors visit, it went really well. We have a prefect little girl on our hands. Kaylon was so proud and interested when Dr. Smoot was checking her out, he kept telling her "my sissy, my sissy." Kolbie is a few good pounds heavier than Kaylon at 4 months, but she did have nearly 2lbs up on him right out of the oven.

Oh, I have to tell this. Brittanee has been with us for a good part of the summer, so she was there at the doctors appointment this time. I told her well ahead of time that Kolbie was going to be getting shots today, but those of you who know Brittanee and her anxiety, know this did not do any good. I mistakenly thought she was prepared for the shots, but when Kolbie was getting her bandages on I looked back and Kaylon and Brittanee were both sobbing in tears. I don't know who started first, but they were obviously feeding off of each others emotions. The nurse was such a sweet heart and tried to help explain why she had to get the shots, all the while Kolbie is all better, and Kaylon and Brittanee are still huffing and puffing trying to catch their breath. It was crazy, but sweet that she was so worried about her niece like that.

Kolbie has been eating cereal by the spoon ok, not to sure about the texture though. We did start with Sweet Peas yesterday, and boy, she did not like them at all. After she would get a few bites down, she would get the wibby jibbies and shake all over. She did it again and again. I gave some more this afternoon, and I got the same reaction. She's got to finish this jar before we can try something different, though. Sorry sister.

Kolbie turning four months old got me thinking...Kaylon will be turning TWO in just 2 months. I was cr@zy mommy planning his birthday last year, and this one is just sneaking right up on me. So, I've got to start getting stuff together for him. We are going to things in a much smaller scale this time around and will probably be at the house again. I'm not sure yet.

I have to tell you...he is adding words to his vocabulary left and right. His favorite word(s) anymore are "my sissy" "Daddy" "Mama" "More" "Please" "Aunt B" or just "B" "shoe's" "go bye bye" "outside" and "sip." He has so many many more, but those are the ones I hear over and over and over again.

He has gotten to wear he is too big boy to sit in the high chair and will sit in Kolbies bumbo chair instead, but prefers to just stand on a stool at the bar. He thinks he owns the whole bar, counter top, and sink area. I'll come walking around the corner and see him sitting on the counter, playing with Kolbies bottles in the sink. He also thinks it is okay to pull the bar stools to where ever he thinks they should be in order for him to reach whatever he wishes to have from the counter top. I am very mindful anymore to what is in the sink or sitting on the counters.

I have also recently informed Ryan that Kaylon's ears have fallen off, because apparently the kid can't hear me when I tell him no anymore, but he can sure tell me "No." I can not have this, so we are working on "No ma'am" as a compromise.

And, just because I can't help myself, here is a video (from my cell phone) of Kaylon doing the karaoke from the Lake Charles Children's Museum. Enjoy!

Now...For the 4th of July.

Surprisingly enough Ryan was off. (Unfortunately someone had to get hurt on the job for him to do so. Don't worry, they are okay now.)
Anyway, after a little yard work, some honey do's, and a little R&R with Kaylon, they woke up (or should I say, I woke them up) to shoot a few fireworks. Both of the kiddo's handled the noise really well. Kolbie didn't even flinch. Kaylon kept saying "wooow" (like slow). He liked the sparklers, and we should have seen it coming, but he started to "un guard" us like it was a sword. Then he wanted to help Daddy light the big ones we set up in the street. Before too long he decided to forget about the fireworks, he just wanted the durn lighter. I got the best video ever of him pitching a total fit, throwing himself onto the floor because he couldn't have the lighter. We can't wait to show that one to his future wife!
My Sassy girl is turning sweet, and my sweet boy has hit his terrible two's. What is a Mommy to do?


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Childrens Museum Lake Charles, LA

Its been rainy a lot out here in Orange, so we decided to head indoors to the Children's Museum in Lake Charles, LA. It doesn't hold a candle to the one in Downtown Houston, but we haven't made it to that one just yet.

We started out playing at the water table. Lots of wet fun!

Then headed to the grocery store, where we passed right by the "fresh" veggies to purchase...

Then, we proceeded thru the blow up maze


then we learned about our teeth

then bugs! (check out the spider!)

Listened to our heartbeat

dressed up like a fireman

played in the tunnel of "noodles"

and the crazy mirror

can't forget about ALL the switches! (at least 5 min of solid entertainment!)

then, this is the best...Karaoke!

To my amazement he picked up the microphone and just started singing! La La La, Row Row Row your boat, blah blah...! He even sang and played the drums at the same time. He couldn't quite figure out how to hold the guitar and the microphone at the same time though. Now Daddy says we need one of our own at home. Mommy disagrees of course! It was ridiculously cute though!