Thursday, July 1, 2010

Childrens Museum Lake Charles, LA

Its been rainy a lot out here in Orange, so we decided to head indoors to the Children's Museum in Lake Charles, LA. It doesn't hold a candle to the one in Downtown Houston, but we haven't made it to that one just yet.

We started out playing at the water table. Lots of wet fun!

Then headed to the grocery store, where we passed right by the "fresh" veggies to purchase...

Then, we proceeded thru the blow up maze


then we learned about our teeth

then bugs! (check out the spider!)

Listened to our heartbeat

dressed up like a fireman

played in the tunnel of "noodles"

and the crazy mirror

can't forget about ALL the switches! (at least 5 min of solid entertainment!)

then, this is the best...Karaoke!

To my amazement he picked up the microphone and just started singing! La La La, Row Row Row your boat, blah blah...! He even sang and played the drums at the same time. He couldn't quite figure out how to hold the guitar and the microphone at the same time though. Now Daddy says we need one of our own at home. Mommy disagrees of course! It was ridiculously cute though!

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