Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Noodle Soup

I decided we were going to have a sensory play day. After spending nearly 3 hours boiling and dying 36 pounds of spaghetti noodles (ridiculous, I know) we invited some neighborhood friends over and had a play date.

Kolbie immediately tried to start eating it. The noodles were still pretty chilly from being in the fridge over night. I think she liked it.

An attempt at a group shot...Grady in the khaki, Sterling in denim, Kaylon, and Mackinzie.

Cooling off with some yummy watermelon.

The jello quickly melted into an ooey goey mess. And of course, everything anymore is a "hat!"

Then back into the noodles.

I had the noodles all set up in the baby pool, and filled up the bigger pool with water, the sprinkler was on, and as always the slide was out. Apparently it was super fun carrying the noodles from one pool to the other. Once that job was finished, it was time to put them on each other. That was so much fun, they all started to just put the noodles on themselves. It was lots of summer fun in the HOT sun!
Lets not even talk about the clean up!
You can see more of the fun by visiting the twins blog Raising Superheroes.



  1. how creative is that!!!!!!!!! ha love it ... and you are a trooper to boil that many noodles lol!

    hey this week i am having a little girl should check it out!!! : ) good luck!

  2. That is too cute! So much fun!!!

  3. Milo and I had sooo much fun. That poor boy was worn out he slept the entire next day and only woke up long enough to go potty and eat. Such a mess. Glad I got to see ya'll.