Monday, July 5, 2010

4 months old & The 4th of July

I can't believe she is already 4 months old. Kolbie has turned into our smiley girl, just like her brother was at this age. She smiles from sun up until sundown. I only hear a fuss out of her when she wants a bottle or needs to be held. She thinks she is a big girl already. She has gotten much better with car rides just in the last week (knock on wood) hopefully that was just a newborn phase she was going through, but now when we put her in the car she will sit up and poke her head around to check things out. See what I mean about thinking she is a big girl. She likes to stand up a lot too (again like Kaylon at this age.) One thing that is new for me that I was spoiled because Kaylon never did is spit up. This girl can get it up, projectile style. We have been having issues with her formula and just last week at her check up the doctor decided we should just stick with standard blue Similac and add a few tablespoons of rice cereal to it, to add some starch to her diet. Hopefully that works, because I can not keep packing extra clothes for the whole family everywhere we go. And, I an NOT going to smell like throw up.

Speaking of doctors visit, it went really well. We have a prefect little girl on our hands. Kaylon was so proud and interested when Dr. Smoot was checking her out, he kept telling her "my sissy, my sissy." Kolbie is a few good pounds heavier than Kaylon at 4 months, but she did have nearly 2lbs up on him right out of the oven.

Oh, I have to tell this. Brittanee has been with us for a good part of the summer, so she was there at the doctors appointment this time. I told her well ahead of time that Kolbie was going to be getting shots today, but those of you who know Brittanee and her anxiety, know this did not do any good. I mistakenly thought she was prepared for the shots, but when Kolbie was getting her bandages on I looked back and Kaylon and Brittanee were both sobbing in tears. I don't know who started first, but they were obviously feeding off of each others emotions. The nurse was such a sweet heart and tried to help explain why she had to get the shots, all the while Kolbie is all better, and Kaylon and Brittanee are still huffing and puffing trying to catch their breath. It was crazy, but sweet that she was so worried about her niece like that.

Kolbie has been eating cereal by the spoon ok, not to sure about the texture though. We did start with Sweet Peas yesterday, and boy, she did not like them at all. After she would get a few bites down, she would get the wibby jibbies and shake all over. She did it again and again. I gave some more this afternoon, and I got the same reaction. She's got to finish this jar before we can try something different, though. Sorry sister.

Kolbie turning four months old got me thinking...Kaylon will be turning TWO in just 2 months. I was cr@zy mommy planning his birthday last year, and this one is just sneaking right up on me. So, I've got to start getting stuff together for him. We are going to things in a much smaller scale this time around and will probably be at the house again. I'm not sure yet.

I have to tell you...he is adding words to his vocabulary left and right. His favorite word(s) anymore are "my sissy" "Daddy" "Mama" "More" "Please" "Aunt B" or just "B" "shoe's" "go bye bye" "outside" and "sip." He has so many many more, but those are the ones I hear over and over and over again.

He has gotten to wear he is too big boy to sit in the high chair and will sit in Kolbies bumbo chair instead, but prefers to just stand on a stool at the bar. He thinks he owns the whole bar, counter top, and sink area. I'll come walking around the corner and see him sitting on the counter, playing with Kolbies bottles in the sink. He also thinks it is okay to pull the bar stools to where ever he thinks they should be in order for him to reach whatever he wishes to have from the counter top. I am very mindful anymore to what is in the sink or sitting on the counters.

I have also recently informed Ryan that Kaylon's ears have fallen off, because apparently the kid can't hear me when I tell him no anymore, but he can sure tell me "No." I can not have this, so we are working on "No ma'am" as a compromise.

And, just because I can't help myself, here is a video (from my cell phone) of Kaylon doing the karaoke from the Lake Charles Children's Museum. Enjoy!

Now...For the 4th of July.

Surprisingly enough Ryan was off. (Unfortunately someone had to get hurt on the job for him to do so. Don't worry, they are okay now.)
Anyway, after a little yard work, some honey do's, and a little R&R with Kaylon, they woke up (or should I say, I woke them up) to shoot a few fireworks. Both of the kiddo's handled the noise really well. Kolbie didn't even flinch. Kaylon kept saying "wooow" (like slow). He liked the sparklers, and we should have seen it coming, but he started to "un guard" us like it was a sword. Then he wanted to help Daddy light the big ones we set up in the street. Before too long he decided to forget about the fireworks, he just wanted the durn lighter. I got the best video ever of him pitching a total fit, throwing himself onto the floor because he couldn't have the lighter. We can't wait to show that one to his future wife!
My Sassy girl is turning sweet, and my sweet boy has hit his terrible two's. What is a Mommy to do?


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