Sunday, July 11, 2010

Childrens Museum Houston and the Houston Texans

So we have had some pretty icky weather lately. 100% chance of rain nearly every day for a week. Since we had such a good time at the Children's Museum in Lake Charles and we were home, I though it would be fun to get some indoor playtime at the Children's Museum in Houston. Apparently so did the rest of Houston AND its surrounding area's. IT WAS PACKED! Ridiculously packed. Kaylon didn't know where to look, much less where to go and what to play with.

When we 1st arrived, my eye's started scanning everything for the 1st thing to do. I haven't been since my sisters were little. Funny enough, amongst all the chaos of children playing everywhere I saw a little news station camera and 2 Houston Texans jerseys. I was curious but no one else around seemed to be, so I walked over as they were finishing up (whatever they were doing) and this guy asked me if I wanted a picture. Of course we do! So we jumped in front of the camera (some other random little boy followed...I guess they thought we were together...) They told me I only had 30 seconds, so I tossed my poor son in to this strange man's hands to get a picture of him. Kaylon didn't know what to do. I rattled off a couple of shots, before we started to get shooed away. Number 11 was so nice, he turned Kaylon around and tried to comfort him. Bounced him up and down trying to play with him, and told him that he had a son about his age. Naturally, he was just being shy and bashful the entire time, so this is how the shot turned out...

You know I had no idea who they were besides knowing their names thanks to the limited information that was on their backs.

#11 Andre Davis, Wide Receiver

#1 Matt Turk, Punter

It was funny because Mema kept telling me she thought "the white one" was the quarter back. "I think he is, I think he is" she told me. Come on Mema, give me some credit. I'd know David Carr if I saw him.

(Side bar: I know my husband is shaking his head in shame because I said David Carr was the quarterback. I did that on purpose babe, just trying to make a funny!. I know its Matt Schaub. And not because I just looked at the roster...)

So after that rush, we were off to play...hopefully. I brought, Meagan & Britt, Mema, & Mackinzie along for the journey, and no one could seem to find something for all of us to off to the TotSpot we went. Still crowded, but manageable.

Kaylon pouring tea for everyone in the cottage....

Kolbie just got to hang out and look adorable with her Aunt Meagan the whole time. Well, not the whole time...Mema stole her away a few times.

When we decided we had enough (only an hour after we arrived,) we were headed for the door and ran into the new addition Kidtropolis, where he could go grocery shopping and other fun stuff. He found the bike store, and a "hat" which he loved. So of course we had to put him on an bike...

He wore that durn hat everywhere. I'm surprised we didn't get into any trouble for it, because I am pretty sure it was a prop helmet that had gotten loose, since all the other one's were zip tied to the display. Eah...what do you do?
So, All the commotion was wearing on everyone. This is the last picture of my sweet boy, before I decided enough was enough.

To sum it up...we will NOT be going back to the Children's Museum of Houston in the near future. And when we do will be on a beautiful sunny day, in the middle of a school day!


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  1. Hi, Aimee!

    We're so sorry about the crowds. Summer is our busiest season. We try to accomodate as many visitors as possible and most of the times we reach our max. You can avoid crowds by getting to the Children's Museum of Houston early or after 3 p.m. We have so much to offer to your family, I hope this one experience doesn't deter you from coming back. Thank you for posting this. We will make sure to pass this message to management. Have a good day! BTW, the Houston Texans players and Dominique Sachse were at the museum to shoot a top-secret PSA. It will run on KPRC Local 2 in August.