Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Vacation

Ahhh, a vacation. Just the two of us. No kiddo's hollering "MaMa," bottle feedings, or diaper changes for 3 whole days!

Ryan decided it was time for a break especially since we haven't had a substantial amount of time to ourselves since Kaylon was born (almost 2 years ago, sniff sniff!)

So, we spent some time in Fredericksburg Hill Country. We visited a few winery's and got some shopping done. But most off all we just relaxed. He found this great pioneer home 13 miles from civilization for us to stay.
It was a rock house. The outside wall were also the inside walls. It was neat.
It also had an amazing outdoor fire pit, where we spent most of our time. Hanging out by the fire drinking our bottle(s) of wine, reminiscing about anything. Everything.

No Mosquitoes. That was worth it all by itself! BUT there is this creature called a Scorpion that you may have heard of. Apparently it is pretty common to the area. I thought they came dead in little glass boxes shipped over from Africa or somewhere. Somewhere I would never be. That is until one came scurrying out of the fire pit making a straight line in my direction as fast has he could. Of course, my husband says he'll get it if it goes in the house. Meanwhile I'm in fear for MY LIFE when it is inches from my foot. Only because I was hooping and hollering did he rescue me, laughing to say the least. Give me a break. Not 10 minutes before I was complaining about a cricket being in the kitchen. To say the least, me feet were in the chair with me the rest of the evening and I couldn't get rid of the wibby jibby's until we finally went inside. Ugh! I am NOT an outdoor girl, despite all the forced camping trips when I was young! It was peaceful though.

Anyway, we are totally open to trying new things (especially Ryan) so our last night we decided to wine an dine ourselves at this fancy place called Cabernet Grill where I got this awesome Eggplant Pirogue stuffed with a fondue of Asiago cheese, Blue crab, and shrimp. Mmmm. Ryan had some Antelope medallions (Yes....ANTELOPE) and bacon wrapped Quail stuffed with this decadent concoction of goodness, covered in some kind of fermented grape sauce. Wonderful!

Then on the way home, we decided to stop and take a look around ole Brenham, TX. Home of the Blinn Buccaneer's. Where Ryan and I first met. Everything has grown and changed so much. It was erie. It made me feel old. I have 2 kids for crying out loud! Who would have thought 2 18 year old college freshmen would have found their soul mates amongst a fuzzy cloud of drunkenness nearly 10 Years ago!

I love you babe, and lets NOT wait 2+ years to do it again.

This weekend was the first time Kaylon and Kolbie have been separated since she came home from the hospital (the 2nd time). They both did very well. Kolbie, well, her world still revolves totally around herself. It didn't even seem like she missed me at all. That's okay my precious angel. But Kaylon is bigger now, and he realizes when we are gone. He was fine while we were away, but Noni did say he kept talking about "my sissy." When we go there to pick him up, there was no letting his mommy go. He hung himself around my neck for a few good 10 min or so. He didn't even go hug Daddy at 1st. Then after he came around and realized we weren't leaving him, he started to show off his sissy, and being all crazy excited. We missed them both so much.
Thanks to all the Gramp's and Gran's that made it happen!


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