Thursday, October 28, 2010

Binky Drama

As we all know...My son has a Binky Addiction.

It kinda out of control. We had started to break from having it as often right before Kolbie showed up, but since then it has been ridiculous. So recently he has been throwing it down on the ground when he wants a drink or a snack or something, and he will run off and leave it behind...only to freak out a few minutes later telling me to "find it", of course followed by "You find it" for him to finish with "You find it." Normal routine followed by us both scouring the house "Binky where are you" until its found (usually by me or Daddy)
Except for yesterday.
Mommy did not look for it once! Neither did Kaylon. Nap time came, he asked for it. I told him to find it. He napped with out it! Score 1 for Mommy!
Bed time....came and Binky! SCORE 2 for Mommy!
School day today...I found a Binky in his backpack....cut the tip off of it and let Mrs. Danyel know about my victories.
Progress report from school, He threw the broken binky in the trash!!!! Score 3 for Mommy!!!
Let keep fingers and toes crossed we can quit the binky COLD TURKEY!!


Where, oh where???

....has our little dog gone? Where, oh where, can he be??
Last night our little dog MAX ran away from home :( Actually it started out as Lucy running away. I ran out the front door to get her, Kaylon decided to follow and left the front door open. It was over an hour later before I noticed he was missing. It was dark already and finding a small black dog in the dark??? Not gonna happen. But I tried anyway. Loaded up the kiddos and we drove all around the neighborhood with the windows rolled down hollering his name. Even Kaylon joined in. Kolbie just hollered. She was not happy about the late night ride being stuck in her car seat.
No luck. So we came home, went about our normal routine, stopping every so often to go outside and call for him.
This morning I loaded up the kiddos for round 2 dog hunt on our way to school. It is the cutest thing....Kaylon would ask me "Ma, Where's Max, Ma???" then he would answer his own question, putting his hands in the air saying " I dunno!!" Ugh, he's too durn cute sometimes!
Now only thing left to do it hang up some fliers I guess...
Max, lets be honest, most of the time I don't like you any more. 2 kids and 2 dogs is getting to be way to much for this mommy, BUT Kaylon and Kolbie LOVE you. So, Please come home!!!!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dewberry Farm


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Failed photo attemp??

I bought Kolbie this adorable tutu dress several months ago and I wanted to get a picture of her in it before she out grows it. For some reason, today, some body did not want to share the attention.

After shoo-ing him to play inside for a few minutes, it was too late. She was already irritated by her big brother.

This is what I found when I came inside.


Monday, October 18, 2010

They love each other!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Daddy's week off

After Kaylon's Birthday weekend, Ryan got an unexpected week off from work. So we took advantage and were busy, busy, busy!

Rainforest Cafe

Kaylon is really discovering different animals right now, so we decided we would take a trip to Galveston's Rainforest Cafe. His loves elephants, so we sat right next to that display, and he couldn't have been more busy during dinner! I think Kolbie was just as intrigued with the atmosphere as Kaylon was!

The Zoo

The weather has been to perfect so we decided to go to the Zoo. It was Kolbie's 1st time, and Ryan's 1st time in YEARS!

Too much fun was had at the Zoo! We went back to see the elephants twice. He named then Mama Elephant, Daddy Elephant, and Baby Elephant. Daddy Elephant was a girl, but we let him have that one!

It was nap time by the time we left, so we are looking forward to going back for the train ride and seeing the animals we missed.

Bike Ride

We had plenty of time on our hands so we took Kolbie on her 1st bike ride. She still isn't quite big enough for the stroller, so she didn't last long before she was completely slumped over. But Kaylon loved it, as always!

We were so happy to have Daddy at home with us for almost a whole week!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary

9 years together, 3 years married. The most handsome son on the planet who keeps me on my toes, an angel baby girl who melts my heart, and the most wonderful husband who loves me more every day. What more can a girl ask for!