Thursday, October 28, 2010

Where, oh where???

....has our little dog gone? Where, oh where, can he be??
Last night our little dog MAX ran away from home :( Actually it started out as Lucy running away. I ran out the front door to get her, Kaylon decided to follow and left the front door open. It was over an hour later before I noticed he was missing. It was dark already and finding a small black dog in the dark??? Not gonna happen. But I tried anyway. Loaded up the kiddos and we drove all around the neighborhood with the windows rolled down hollering his name. Even Kaylon joined in. Kolbie just hollered. She was not happy about the late night ride being stuck in her car seat.
No luck. So we came home, went about our normal routine, stopping every so often to go outside and call for him.
This morning I loaded up the kiddos for round 2 dog hunt on our way to school. It is the cutest thing....Kaylon would ask me "Ma, Where's Max, Ma???" then he would answer his own question, putting his hands in the air saying " I dunno!!" Ugh, he's too durn cute sometimes!
Now only thing left to do it hang up some fliers I guess...
Max, lets be honest, most of the time I don't like you any more. 2 kids and 2 dogs is getting to be way to much for this mommy, BUT Kaylon and Kolbie LOVE you. So, Please come home!!!!


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